4 Lyme Disease Home Remedies

Lyme disease

What does Lyme disease mean?

Lyme disease is a disease spread by the biting of the ticks. It is a kind of bacterial infection. If any person is bitten by an infected tick then he or she can get Lyme disease. Lyme disease is not always spread by the infected ticks; there are number of people who get Lyme disease even if they have not been bitten by any tick. And there are number of people who do not suffer from Lyme disease even if they are bitten by the tick. This happens just because of the fact that only an infected tick is capable of spreading Lyme disease. Our suggestion to every one is that if you find any tick sticking to you just through it away from your body. But those who cannot remove the tick must consult their doctors otherwise they may get into the trouble very soon.

The major causes of Lyme disease are stated as follows

Borrelia burgdorferi (B. burgdorferi) germs or bacteria’s are the major cause behind Lyme disease contagion or contamination or infection.

Spreading of Lyme disease has been discussed as follows

Whenever a tick contaminated with the B. burgdorferi germs bites anyone, the person is likely to have or definitely get the Lyme disease. Basically the infection bacteria travel in to the salivary glands of the tick when it bites any person and after that it enters the body of the person through its skin. The studies made by number of scientists have said that a tick takes near about twenty four hours to stick to the skin of human being. In order to transmit the bacteria which causes Lyme disease tick takes near about thirty six to forty eight hours.

The tick does not even leave animals; it can infect dogs, cows and horses with the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. But the good thing is that dogs, cows and horses are real friend of human beings and they cannot transfer the bacteria to them. Basically the story with the tick is that it picks the infection’s bacteria when it bites any infected animal and then it further transfers it to the other animals and human beings. The cases of Lyme disease are very common in the United States of America, Europe, Canada and Asia. One should take care of himself and his family by keeping cleanliness around his house because these ticks can hide in grass and shrubs.

There are few areas in our body which are much more prone to the biting of tick are armpits, at the back of the ears, at the back of the knees, behind the neck and the groin.

The major warning signs of the Lyme disease are discussed as follows

The most visible signs of occurrence of the Lyme disease are the presence of the dark and round spots on the body. These spots become larger in shape and size and take worst form later. So we will suggest every one to keep their surroundings clean and consult their doctor whenever they see any dark and ugly looking spot on their body.


Treatment for Lyme disease

  1. Garlic is the super nutrient for fighting infection and viruses, as well as boosting your immune system. For more high powered support, you can take Olive Leave Extract, Oregano Oil, Silver solution, and Bilberry extract.  Something that is helpful with Mono as well is taking Grapefruit Seed Extract, commonly referred to as GSE.
  2. “The hot, moist heat of a steam room is good when your body aches all over,” says Dr. Hilton.
  3. The herbal combination of Echinacea and Goldenseal is good for combating fevers and other symptoms as well as boosting the immune system.

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