Xerosis: Signs, Symptoms And Treatment


What happens in the disease called xerosis

The xerosis is the condition of dry skin. In the ordinary or simple dry skin conditions the disease xerosis is not very serious. But these are the one of the most uncomfortable to see your skin unattractive and dried up. The dry skin becomes so weak that it dries away all its moisture and even looses the capability to restore it. Plump skin or hide cells turn out to be wrinkled appear like ugliest thing in the world. The thin lines and the ugly looking wrinkles are not at all accepted by any one in the entire world.

The reason of drying of the skin is weather also the changes in weather like sudden hot and cold causes skin cells to dry and look ugly, low humidity in air also causes drying of the skin, bathing liked by everyone also causes drying of the skin if done in excess, and the prolonged use of air conditioner or heater in rooms also crops up the drying of skin. If these factors are somehow controlled even partially also then the drying up of the skin cells can be avoided. If not avoided can be controlled to great extent.

One can practice some measures to maintain the moisture of the skin, the measures are discussed as follows

  1. Regularly nourish your skin by a good quality moisturizer or lotion.
  2. Try to bath for limited time or you can say avoid bathing for long hours.
  3. Avoid the use of harsh or callous soaps or use some good shower gel.
  4. Try to eat good, healthy and balanced diet to preserve the moisture of the skin.

 Xerosis Signs and Symptoms

For number of people having a dry skin conditions is a matter of few months or weeks only, they face the problem of dry skin conditions only in the winters only. But there are number of people who suffer from the dry skin conditions for their entire life. They suffer from dry skin conditions just because of some kind of deficiency in the skin. The people who are aged or old enough or one can consider the people who are above the age of fifty five years, commonly suffer from dry skin conditions or xerosis.

The warning signs or the symptoms of the xerosis are determined by the climatic conditions, condition of your health or your mental and physical well being, your skin tone, your age, how much time is spent by you outside your home and the reason behind the drying up of the skin. It is observed that the skin at the lower legs and of the side of abdomens is the driest compared to other parts of the body.

Out of all the symptoms stated above near about one or two can be seen in dry skin. The tightness felt in the skin just after the bathing or swimming is also due to the dry skin. The redness of skin is also due to drying up of skin cells.


Xerosis Treatment

  1. Bathing with warm water is much better than hot shower since hot water removes oils in the skin. Use warm water in bathing and limit bathing time up to 15 minutes to avoid drying the skin.
  2. Self care measures are the part of treatment of xerosis. You should keep you skin moisturized by applying moisturizer at frequent intervals, especially immediately after bathing. Limit your time of bath. Do not take hot water for bath. Avoid harsh soaps and detergents.
  3. If your skin is extremely dry, baby oil is one of the best immediate home remedy for Xerosis . It is best to apply after bathing while your skin is still moist. Oil stays more in the skin to retain its moisture than that of moisturizers.
  4. One of the tested home remedy for Xerosis is readily available in form of lotion and moisturizers, apply in Xerosis areas at least twice daily. It provides a seal to the skin to keep water from escaping.
  5. In case, there is a severe xerosis, then it might require remedy or treatment with some prescription medicines those are stronger and more effective than OTC (over-the-counter) products or remedies.

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