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Cobalt- Benefits, Deficiency Symptoms And Food Sources

Uses and Benefits of Cobalt

  • Aids in normal growth and appetite, pancreas.
  • The only known function of cobalt is as a constituent of vitamin B12.
  • In this capacity, cobalt aids in the formation of normal red blood cells, maintenance of nerve tissue, and normal formation of cells.

Deficiency Symptoms of Cobalt

A deficiency of cobalt is equivalent to a deficiency of vitamin B12, and can cause anemia, nerve disorders, and abnormalities in cell formation. Also, "scaly" skin and atrophy.

Toxicity: Rare. Large doses of inorganic cobalt (not combined with vitamin B12) might stimulate thyroid and bone marrow function, resulting in excess production of red blood cells (polycythemia).

Rich Food Sources of Cobalt

All green leafy vegetables. Also, various fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Toxic Sources: Cobalt is used as an anti­foaming agent in the processing of some beer. Consumption of large amounts of this beer could cause polycythemia and heart disorders

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