Aromatherapy Recipes

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

What is aromatherapy?

  1. Aromatherapy is an alternative way of treatment by making the use of the essential oils that can be derived from plants for the cure of all the body ailments and provide it with peace.
  2. These oils can be brought to use in many ways: by inhaling them in the vapor form as they are volatile in nature, mixing in the warm bath water or by applying it to the body and massaging it.
  3. These essential oils produce strong aroma that is characteristic for many of these and help in the treatment. The oils are volatile and concentrated and so proper care should be taken while using them.

Aromatherapy oil recipes

  1. There are a number of essential oil recipes for the aromatherapy that helps in bringing the body to a balanced level .The oils that are helpful are lavender oil, Melissa, geranium, lemongrass, etc.
  2. These oils have pleasant scents that help in reviving the body and the soul. The aromatherapy recipe is made keeping in mind the fact that the mixture of oils produce a scent that mesmerizes one’s senses and provides the maximum number of benefits. The mixture created in the bath water should be such that makes the mind relaxed and provides comfort to the body.
  3. Clary sage and Ylang Ylang are the essential oils that help in bursting out stress that maintains a good body circulation and their massage rejuvenates the scalp and makes it free from problem. This helps in the treatment of hair loss which is brought about by a regular massage with these oils.

Another aromatherapy recipe that helps solves the problem of sore throat, cold and flu is the Healing Salve recipe. It not only solves the cold problem but also moisturizes the dry lips and skin. This recipe makes use of lavender, tea tree and helichrysum along with bee wax and coconut oil. Gentle massage with a mixture of these components in a right amount solves the cold problems. Lavender helps in the repair of the tissue. On the other hand, tea tree stimulates the formation of the WBCs that help in strengthening the immune system. Helichrysum acts as an anti inflammatory agent and prevent the swelling.

Healing power of aromatherapy oils

  1. Headaches occur quite often and create a disturbance in the routine work and here is hence the solution to say bye to al the headaches. The essential oil treatment occurs due to absorption of the oils into the nervous system that prevents or reduces the pain.
  2. A mixture of Roman chamomile and lavender brings about a relief from the pain that is a result of emotional stress. On the other hand the mixture of lavender and peppermint helps in pain arising due to muscular straining. Lavender brings about the pain relief while roman Chamomile makes the mind relaxed and calm.

Aromatherapy recipes also prove to enhance the beauty of the lips. The commercial body lotions and other products are derived from petroleum and thus can be carcinogenic. To prepare a good lip balm a mixture of olive oil with bee wax and vitamin E capsule proves to be very helpful.

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