6 Ways To Make Exercise Interesting

Exercise. It’s something we all need to do in order to remain fit and healthy, but it’s something we also make every excuse in the world not to do. Most people will claim they don’t have time to exercise, or they simply find it boring and would rather spend their time doing something else—anything else.

If you dread working out because you get bored, the following are six ways to change your routing and make exercise fun and interesting.

1. Don’t exercise alone.

Exercising by yourself can be boring, especially when you’re left alone with just your thoughts. You start to focus on the physical pain, which typically results in you ending your sessions earlier than planned. A great way to make exercising interesting is to do it with someone else. Having a friend or family member (or even a group of people) with you can make it much more entertaining. Each of you will be there to push each other to finish the workout, and you can even talk with one another to help the time go by faster or even take the focus off the pain or activity.

2. Join a class.

If your exercise routine revolves around doing some cardio or weight training in your own home, it will get boring fast. You’ll end up becoming distracted by something else, or you’ll just keep putting it off until you eventually give up hope. A great way to combat this is to join a class. There are so many options out there for you to choose from that you can easily join something that interests you. You can take a cycling class, a yoga class or even a Zumba class. All of these will be much more exciting than your own personal workout, and you’ll have a group of people there to talk with and help keep you entertained.

3. Publicize your goals.

Sure, you may get annoyed when you read a Facebook status that says “at the gym”, and maybe you don’t want to be that person, but publicizing your goals can make exercise more fun. For example, set small goals for yourself, such as increasing your running distance or simply working out so many days a week. Then, share that goal with other people, whether in person or through social media. Now you’ve made a public commitment to your goal, and since most people don’t want to look like failures, the publicity of their goal can help keep you motivated.

4. Listen to audio books.

Most people prefer to listen to music when they workout, and that’s a great way to stay upbeat. However, if you want to make your exercise routine more interesting, consider listening to an audio book instead. With music, you don’t really have to pay attention to what’s being said or what song is playing. With an audio book, you do. Listening to an audio book will force you to pay attention to something else other than the workout routine, and you may become so enamored with the book that you don’t even realize how much exercise you’ve done. Find a book that you’ve always wanted to read and try listening to it when working out. You may just find your best motivation.

5. Find someplace with great scenery.

Running on a treadmill in your basement is less exciting than running through an open field or forest preserve. Get outside and find someplace in your neighborhood with great scenery. This is a great way to change your atmosphere, and you’ll start to focus more on your surroundings than the exercise, which can be extremely beneficial to your routine.

6. Get exercise in unique ways.

Instead of forcing yourself to get out there and exercise, why not try to get exercise in a unique (and hidden) way. For example, when you’re shopping, start parking your car far away from the door so you’re forced to walk. Take the stairs instead of taking the escalator. Go for a leisure bike ride with your family. Take a walk around your neighborhood and take scenic pictures. Do some yard work; sign up for a 5k; do anything that requires physical activity. This way, you’ll be getting the exercise you need without even realizing it.

Allison True is a busy mom of three, a freelance writer and a fitness fanatic. Allison aspires to see a healthier world and contributes by writing fitness and nutrition articles.

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