Becoming A Yoga Instructor

If you are really interested in yoga and it has somehow changed or touched your life in a way that you might like to share with others as it was with you, than maybe you should become a yoga instructor. This will allow you to not only keep practicing the art that you love and enjoy so much, but also to pass that joy on to others.

There are different ways to become a yoga instructor. How you go about doing so would depend on your personal tastes and choices. Think about the various options at your disposal. The ways are very different from each other so you will have to decide which way you prefer. Choose carefully as the guidelines and requirements may be different than other professions.


Some sites sell DVDs that claim to teach you how to become a yoga instructor. As far as whether or not yoga studios allow teachers who learned that way, it would have to depend on the studio. If the DVD you purchased did teach you everything you need to know to properly instruct others than some studios may believe that is all that matters while others may be more strict about the qualifications.

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Different sites have different DVDs available at different prices, and not all are necessarily valid lessons so be careful. If someone wanted to cheat you out of some money they could sell you a few blank DVDs and by the time you get them they are long gone.


Some yoga studios and sites offer classes from actual yoga teachers to show you how to properly teach others. This is probably the best way to do it because you will know for a fact that they do teach yoga and that they won’t just send you some unknown video in the mail. Classes are available constantly and it takes about 200 to 500 hours of classes total to get certified. Different studios or sites may have different requirements.

Ask Your Instructor

Most people who decide to become a yoga instructor don’t just wake up one day and decide to go for it. Most of them take yoga and get very interested in it. After a while they begin to think maybe if yoga is their passion they should teach it for a living. So for those people, why not just talk to your own yoga instructor after a class and see how they became a certified yoga instructor? You are already there and clearly they already know so asking them would be a great way to go about it.

They will know what way is most accepted, and they might even be able to teach you themselves to teach another class at the same center. Either way it is a win. They would also be the one to know about the specific requirements for the state you are in. Many professions have different requirements for each state. Sometimes the county or specific city you live in has their own rules too so speaking to someone local would be beneficial to you.

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