Cabbage Soup Diet

With increase in craze for crash diets, new diet plans are emerging all over the world. One such plan is the Lettuce Soup diet. The origin of this diet is still unknown, however one just wants to know whether it is effective and not who formulated it. Some of them found this to be effective and few others found it to be a mere waste.
Overview of the Lettuce Diet

The lettuce diet is a low calorie and low carb diet. As this falls in the category of crash diets, this has to be followed continuously for a week. However, this provides a temporary solution only, by reducing the intake of calories. As the name infers, this diet involves lot of lettuce in your meal. It was framed with an assumption that lettuce has the power to burn fat. This, till date, has remained as an assumption alone and never was proved. Thus no wonder some people don’t get fruitful results out of this.

Who Should Follow This Diet?

Only those who want to drastically come down in weight and above all those who love lettuce can opt for this diet plan. Also this diet plan has to be followed strictly to get the results which means feeding on lettuce for about a week or so. There is no pre-defined recipe for this soup so any lettuce soup would suffice. Other than this, other food items can be taken but in a moderate level and you can drink any amount of water and juices but preferably unsweetened juice.

According to this, the first day plays a vital role and only lettuce has to be taken that day and you should not take banana for sure. No proper explanation has been given for this. On the second day, some more lettuce soup can be taken along with some vegetables. When it comes to potato, only one is permitted. On the third day, the lettuce soup quantity is increased comparatively. Added to this are fruits and vegetables except bananas and potatoes. Again for this no explanation has been given. There is a slight improvement in your diet on the fourth day. Bananas are allowed along with the lettuce soup and also you can take skimmed milk. On the fifth and sixth days, along with soup you can take beef and vegetables but no potatoes. And on the final day, soup with vegetables and brown rice is permitted. At last, you come to an end of the diet process.

Net Result of This Diet

You can find a severe change in your weight but this loss will be gained once you tune back to your regular diet. The faster you shed pound, the faster you gain them. Thus this is exclusively for temporary basis and is advantageous if you want to shed pounds for a special event. If you prefer this diet, see that you make your soup tastier so that the seven days aren’t hard for you.

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