Coping With And Curing Social Anxiety

Sufferers of serious social anxiety will already be aware of the impact that it has on their daily lives and personal relationships. With social anxiety often causing sufferers to be unable to create and maintain new friendships, romantic relationships, or attend and enjoy social events such as parties, those who have social anxiety will often find themselves feeling confined and reclusive without necessarily wanting to be.

Social anxiety sufferers who are wanting to change and better their lives through the development of friendships and social experiences may have tried previously and found themselves ‘failing’ due to a feeling of panic. Overcoming an anxiety-controlled life is not an easily process, but there are some ways that can help individuals start becoming a more confident and less anxious person in social situations.

Take it One Step at a Time

There is often a conflict over what is the best way to overcome social anxiety without professional help, with some arguing that throwing a socially anxious person into a situation where they experience feelings of extreme anxiety and panic being the best cure. This is not the case though as it can actually lead to an individual becoming even more reluctant to be part of social situations.

In reality, those trying to overcome anxiety alone should take it one step at a time and begin with an increase of attendance of situations that they feel less anxious about. A situation such as a trip to the cinema could be a low pressure experience for someone suffering from social anxiety as it require minimal talk so could be a great starting point to the improvement of confidence and reduction of anxiety.


Trick Yourself into Confidence

When slowly introducing new social experiences, or increasing social activity, a person suffering from anxiety can help trick themselves into confidence by practicing a number of techniques. Spending time creating mantras that can be repeated to oneself to help improve confidence is a great way to help an individual trick themselves into feeling confidence and actually really helps boost confidence.

A simple mantra can consist of basic sentences that are tailored and should include statements such as ‘I am confident’, ‘I am interesting’, and ‘I am a nice person’ to be repeated to oneself in front of a mirror to help increase an individual’s belief in themselves and their abilities.

Try Hypnotherapy

As social anxiety is not always easy to solve, sufferers may want to consider how professional services such as hypnotherapy can help. A professional hypnotherapist can help eliminate some of the feelings of anxiety, discover the reason why an individual feels anxious in particular situations as well as teaching coping techniques.

Attending a hypnotherapy for anxiety session, such as the one offered here, means that an individual receives an instant boost in their confidence that will help them begin to attend and enjoy the social situations that they want to, rather than feel restricted in what they do.

Regardless of how an individual decides to combat their social anxiety, it is important to do so in a way that creates happiness and comfort within oneself rather than punishment and dislike, as negative feelings towards oneself will only further feelings of anxiety and low self-worth.

Beth Stubbings thinks that although the journey to feeling confident and comfortable in social situations can be difficult it is definately worth in as it vastly improves an individual’s quality of life. She would recommend Fix My Mind to those considering hypnotherapy for anxiety.

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