Hypnotherapy And How It Alleviates My Anxiety

Hypnotherapy has proved to be effective in many ways. It helps treat various fears, calms down restless and agitated people, enhances memories, blocks pain, and many more. And for some anxiety patients, it is their treatment of choice. It is my treatment of choice.

I have suffered from anxiety for several years. Whatever kind of treatment you can think of, I had probably tried it. Some work. Others do not. It’s true when they say that not every treatment goes well with everyone. But hypnotherapy worked and still works for me.


Back then, my bouts of anxiety attacks were close and regular. There are days that an attack would totally cripple me. It has affected the way I live and the way I deal with people. I have become conscious and aloof. And these feelings do not help with my attempt to control my anxiousness. In fact, when I feel them, it would trigger an attack.

With my fervent desire to heal, I have turn to hypnotherapy. It has helped me in more ways than I thought it would during the initial stages. Here, I list the 5 reasons why it has worked for me.

1. It relaxes my mind. When in a trance state, my mind is no longer in chaos. It is transported to a place of bliss. Worries and problems turn into minute objects that should not be regarded as highly. It makes me think of the more important aspects of my life. It motivates me to face difficulties with confidence and the belief that I can overcome whatever it is that goes my way.

2. It makes me concentrate on a goal. And that is to be rid of the things that cause anxiety. The moment that I worry, the moment that fears are starting to creep in, I refocus my attention. My attention is directed toward my goal. When I do that, it comforts and pacifies me. The impending attack is blocked. Whatever is causing me stress at that moment is nipped because it would not help in achieving my goal.

3. It makes me aware of my surroundings. I am tuned in to everything around me. It makes me selfless. When you are suffering from anxiety, you can’t help but focus on you and your feelings. You forget other people and their feelings too. With hypnosis, I think of them and how much they mean to me. I have learned to reach out again and share my feelings.

4. It makes me discuss things. Anxiety can be caused by pains and hurts that have not resurfaced until recently. Some of these pains and hurts I chose not to discuss because of the memories attached to them. But in treating anxiety, I had to face them no matter how difficult. It is during hypnosis that I have openly discussed these issues. When I did, it was so liberating. The heaviness I felt inside was lifted.

5. It positively changes my behavior. I was a pessimist. I used to look at the bottle as half empty rather than half full. But when I started hypnotherapy, I learned to see the good in situations. It made me think of the fine things rather than the bad. Days have become better. I look forward to tomorrow when I used to despise it before.

I know that hypnosis is not a cure. It relieves the symptoms. And with anxiety, it’s the symptoms that trigger it. When you are relieved of the symptoms, you are relieved from anxiety. And with hypnotherapy, I am getting to the relieved part.

As mentioned, not every form of treatment works for everyone, but there is no harm in trying. Be open to possibilities and keep a positive mind. Trust in your desire to heal and look for the best therapist. Depend on the professional to help you in any way possible.

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