Diabetes in Children is on the Rise

Diabetes is a disease caused by the way the body metabolizes
sugar. The disease can be controlled by medication and
modifications to one’s’sdiet. What is alarming however, are
the increasing number of cases of diabetes among teenagers
and children.

With the surge in obesity and overweight children, it should
come as no surprise that diabetes is also growing in
proportion. Children are less active than they have been in
the past, and this is leading to health problems.

Inactivity leads to Obesity

Being overweight doesn’t help. The extra burden those extra
pounds put on your body weaken its response and ability to
handle stress. And this kind of stress increases manifold,
especially when your body is still growing, and is yet to
achieve full size.

Children are spending less time outdoors and more time
indoors, on their computers. This sedentary lifestyle
coupled with poor eating habits cause children to put on
weight. Their bodies cannot metabolize the excessive amounts
of sugar and fat being pumped into their systems. The result
is Diabetes. This is a simplified version of what happens
although the actual process is more complicated.

Eating the wrong foods

In today’s fast paced world, more and more families rely on
easy to cook, processed foods that have a high fat and sugar
content. In the past, our diets contained wholesome and
nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

The body is like a muscle that can adapt to stressors that
is placed upon it, but when there is a constant barrage of
bad foods, the liver and the pancreas just can’t process it
quickly. This leads to a dysfunction in the overall
process, and can then lead to damage to the organ itself.

Children learn from their environment

And while it’s easy to blame the child for the health
problems and poor food choices, there is a lot to be said
for the family that surrounds them. If the children are
predisposed to an environment that doesn’t support healthy
living, then there is a greater tendency for diabetes and
other health problems.

It needs to be a team effort for the entire family to commit
to in order to avoid diabetes and other problems associated
with poor health habits.

Healthy CAN be exciting! Working out is great when everyone
in the family does it together. And if you get every single
person at home working on finding new ways to prepare
nutritious, healthy and mouth-watering meals, you will be
surprised at how enthused they get, they’lwill want to
contribute to their health!

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