Every Teenages Nightmare – Battling Acne

Acne. The word strikes fear in heart of anyone who has had
to deal with it. And the unfortunate reality is that it
isn’t just an affliction that affects teenagers, many people
suffer from acne well into adulthood. And who hasn’t heard
the outrageous claims that are made by so many producers of
acne treatment.

The problem is that each person is different, so there isn’t
one blanket treatment. People are willing to spend their
hard earned money looking for the perfect solution to their
acne problem.

There are some steps everyone suffering form severe acne can
take. Acne is seen as severe when it covers a major portion
of a person’s face. It is important to seek advice from a
dermatologist if this is the case for you. He or she will
find a medication to help your condition. If you just ignore
it, you could end up with facial scarring. For those who
don’t suffer from severe acne, the condition isn’t as
urgent, but of course they too want it cleared up.

One of the most important steps in skin treatment is finding
a good cleanser. Most cosmetic companies tout their products
as the ones that will do the best job of clearing up your
acne problem. At the very least, they promise to reduce the
number of blemishes. Many of these products are very

It is possible that the situation goes from bad to worse
with the use of some of these products. Drug stores have low
priced, gentle and non-foaming cleansers that have been
found to be most appropriate for this purpose.

Drinking lots of water each day is another good habit to
acquire if you suffer from acne. There are studies that show
water as contributing to a smooth and clear complexion. One
of the things it does is flush out toxins that are in all of
our bodies. Like most things, how much water to drink varies
by individual. If you ingest too much it can lower the
number of electrolytes in your system, so don’t overdo it. A
good number to try for is somewhere between seven and twelve
glasses per day.

If you have the money to spend, facials are a great way to
help fight against acne and blemishes. Many people have tiny
blackheads on their face. While these are unsightly in
themselves, they can erupt into whiteheads or pimples
without a moment’s notice. Deep pore facials are excellent
because they work to remove the blackheads completely. This
is done by a process called extraction and you should not
attempt to do this yourself, as you can easily harm the
delicate skin on the face.

Facials can cost over $100, so if you can have one every
month or every other month, your skin will improve
dramatically. The aesthetician will also advise you on
products to use in between facials and help minimize


Most people have had to deal with acne at some time. Since
it’s been around for so long there are a lot of solutions
available. To find which is right for you may take time and
a few failed attempts, but stick with it. You will
eventually find a product that won’t bankrupt you.

If you try a number of products and nothing seems to work,
be sure to contact a skin doctor. A dermatologist can
prescribe a medicine that isn’t available over the counter.

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