Whether you call it phytotherapy, botanical medicine, or herbology, God’s non-hybrid plants hold the power of nature to heal, clean and revitalize tissue. Science likes to extract, separate and mega dose constituents found in plant to treat bodily symptoms. Plants were never intended for this. This whole plant is powerful enough, when you learn how to use botanicals correctly. I have used herbal formulas for over twenty five years, well before they were fashionable. That’s because my desire has always been to help other heal themselves, not treat their symptoms. I have used gallons of herbs on just one patient. Herbs can be very powerful and strong. There are only a few that I do not recommend due to their toxic nature. However, these are toxic herbs, not used in mainstream herbology.

Besides all the different properties of herbs, including anti-inflammatory, astringents, bitters, stimulants, antispasmodics, etc., they have nutritional value. Herbs are full of vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, flavins, amino acids and sugars, not to mention their electromagnetic energies. Study and experiment with botanicals. Without them, humans will not survive the many damaging effects they have created on this planet.

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