Building Bones

No bones about the fact that calcium builds strong bones, healthy teeth. Other than keeping our skeletal strong, it keeps our heart rhythm steady and helps muscles contract. Bones act as storehouse of calcium and our body withdraws from bank whenever blood calcium levels dip.

Bone Tale

  • We do not up all calcium we ingest. During pregnancy and childhood our bodies act as sponge in soaking calcium.
  • With increased age our absorption decreases. Calcium absorption does not happen alone.
  • Without enough vitamin D, the intestines cannot soak, calcium from the diet. Vitamin D forms naturally in the body when exposed to sunlight; 15 minutes of sun every day is sufficient. Vitamin D , rich foods include egg yolks, saltwater fish and liver.
  • Vitamin C in citrus fruits enhances calcium absorption.
  • When it comes to soaking calcium homemade yoghurt is better than milk. The lactic acid in yoghurt maximizes calcium absorption.
  • Magnesium can help improve calcium absorption and may help maintain bone density in those individuals at risk for excessive bone loss. Rich sources include -nuts, beans, apples, bananas, leafy-greens and yoghurt.
  • Other than dairy products, leafy greens, red beans, almonds, soy, cabbage and cauliflower are good sources of calcium too.
  • Half a cup of spinach has about 120 milligrams of calcium but our body will absorb only a miniscule portion of that. The oxalate in spinach will hamper with the absorption of calcium. Leafy greens like mustard are less on oxalic acid, which improves calcium absorption.
  • Beware! Caffeine, cigarette, cola, salt steal calcium from bones.
  • When taking a supplement space it between meals and through out the day for better absorption.
  • A supplement at bedtime may add extra benefit as bone-building process occurs at night during sleep.

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