Honey; More Than Just A Kitchen Staple

Everyone knows honey taste delicious on a hot biscuit or adds a touch of sweetness to hot tea, but this natural jewel has scads of usefulness.  Ancient Egyptians first discovered the wonderful uses of honey. In tombs found by archeologists; jars of crystallized honey were found for the buried to use in the afterlife. The manufacturing of honey by bees is what makes it special. During the process bees regurgitate nectar it into the honeycomb and air dry it with their wings.  The saliva changes the sucrose in the nectar into fructose and glucose. This combines with the remaining water creating a mixture of hydrogen peroxide that has been made from enzyme glucose oxidase; a mixture in which bacteria cannot survive. This mixture can kill bacteria such as E. coli, h-pylori, and staph; a claim that manufactured antiseptics can’t make.


Improve Your Skin with Honey

People suffering from dry skin can create their own honey based lotion that is all natural and safe for even for sensitive skin. Everything you need is probably in your kitchen; flour, eggs whites, and honey. Use four tablespoons of honey, combined with two eggs whites, the amount of flour will depend on the desired consistency. Mix and use on dry hands, dry patches on the arm or leg area, or use it as a facial mask. The miracle of honey can also help the fight against acne.  The fluids created by the bee will help to speed the process of getting rid of pimples. This is so simple and inexpensive dermatologists keep it a secret; just apply to pimple area and cover with a small band-aid.

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has an amazing ability to help with the prevention and cure of a number of health issues. Persons suffering from insomnia find that mixing honey with a beverage before bed can attribute to a good night’s rest because; honey calms nervousness and anxiety.  Honey also helps in the prevention of colitis by improving the colon’s resistance. Those suffering from diabetic ulcers find that most curing needs to be done through modern techniques but, adding honey to the process can shorten healing time. Antioxidants found in honey help in the prevention of heart disease and cancer by preventing the growth of cells and keeping the quality of blood produced healthier.  If an energy boost is needed; mix water with honey and consume. Glucose in the honey will give a boost and you can relieve fatigue at the same time.

Keep Honey in the First Aid Kit and Medicine Cabinet

Nursing a sore throat can be a bad situation and sometimes you don’t feel well enough to go to the store for lozenges. Take the juice from a lemon, mix with honey and drink the solution; in a matter of moments the pain will subside.  Should the pain return you can take the solution again without waiting; like with over the counter medicines.  We all know the pain that comes from a burn and the length of time it takes to heal; honey can help with that too. Should you burn your leg simply apply honey to the burn. The hydrogen peroxide releases from the honey to cleanse the wound and bring down the inflammation thus lessening the pain. Honey can be rubbed onto scratches, abrasions, or cuts in combination with an antiseptic to prevent bacteria and infection.  The honey traps bacteria in its stickiness and kills them. These methods have been around for thousands of years and are still in use by millions that want to keep things natural.

Donna Jane works in health and wellbeing industry caring for the aged and disabled. She has spent a number of years working at nursing homes before founding DearJane.

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