Reducing Stress In Your Legal Practice: 5 Simple Stress Relievers You May Have Forgotten

Remember when you were younger and care free?  Sure, there might have been school work or boyfriend-girlfriend drama, but there was always a way you could kind to escape the troubles and find an open mind.  Unfortunately those days may currently seem long gone and far from returning.  Many of us have super tight schedules, heavy workloads, and even family issues to deal with.  All of life’s obstacles that gain momentum and snowball as we get older can often times caste a rather big shadow over the simple joys of life that we used to enjoy.

Stress can put a huge damper on yourself as well as your loved ones.  If you’re bogged down with big thoughts and decisions it can take a toll on your health and personality.  Having surmounted stress can lead to snippy attitudes, loss of sleep and appetite, and endless trains of unanswered thoughts and concerns that could possible get in your way of functioning day to day.  Do you ever wish you could resort back to the simple joys that would help you relieve this burden of worry?  Well these escapes still exist, you may have just forgotten about them.

Getting rid of stress is vital for the bettering of your life and daily function.  It can be some of the smallest things that you overlook which could calm your thoughts and mind, lower your blood pressure, and reduce that stress to a comforting and manageable level.  In fact, we’ve taken the time to compile this quick list of 5 easy things you can do next time you feel stressed:

1.  Read

Doesn’t matter what it is; a book, a magazine, a news article.  Reading can be thought provoking and insightful outside of the realm of whatever your mind is in.  IT will help you get to thinking and take your mind off of whatever is weighing it down.  Often times reading can also give you an alternative viewpoint or promote a different thought that can be applied to your current stressful situation which in turn might help you reach a solution.  People sometimes forget the books they meant to read years ago and will find that picking them up again can spark a whole new train of thought and invigorate a new mood in them.  There are many great benefits from reading, not just from an educational standpoint but a self awareness point as well.

2. Observe

From fish tanks to blowing leaves, many people tend to get so wrapped up in their stress that they forget to take in the natural beauty that surrounds us.  Often times stress is brought on by building up thoughts and piling many different concerns of complexity on top of one another.  By being able to step away from these serious thoughts and observe and reflect on something so simple as the way trees grow around parks or how concrete cracks and grooves in different areas we can calm our thoughts down and resort to a simpler form of understanding.  Whenever things get very complicated or difficult, many psychologists suggest finding a simple outlet with a simple answer to put your own stressful situation into perspective and build up from there.

3. Sleep

It may seem obvious, but often times stress is highly motivated by lack of rest.  When your body has minimal energy as it is, and it’s limits are continuously tested by responsibilities and expectations brought on by the day, it is no secret that at some point having little sleep will take it’s toll and make even the simplest of project seem like mountains.  Our bodies all require different amounts of sleep; some of us only 5 hours while others can’t function without nearly 10.  Whatever your body’s sleep number preference is, it is important to help it get the rest it’s telling you it needs before it takes it’s toll out on other aspects of your health, using sleep deprivation and stress as it’s vehicle.

4. Indulge

Sure, sometimes diets are necessary for health reasons and holding off from temptation is good for character building and to keep yourself from losing control. However, restricting yourself at all times can be too hard and sometimes even add to your stress.  This is why indulging in your comforts during your stressful period can be great for relieving some of that internal pressure.  Whether your vice is sweets or a quick cigarette, giving in just a little will help your mental relief go a long way.

5. Exert

In the last 5 years, prescription drugs for things like depression, high blood pressure, and anxiety, have all fallen dramatically in the UK as a result of a new technique that physicians are trying to help cure some of the internal qualms their patients are experiencing.  This new technique is the simple prescription of physical activity.  By suggesting and motivating their patients to get more exercise, whether it be simple yoga classes or long distance cardio routines, doctors have seen great improvements in health without the use of pharmaceuticals.  Next time you feel like stress has the best of you, make time for breaking a sweat and you might be amazed at how clear things are afterwards.

Zach C. writes for Carroll Troberman Criminal Defense, an Austin criminal defense law firm. Zach loves to keep his cool.

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