How Do Celebrities Keep Fit – Free Guide To Celebrity Diet

No doubt there are any numbers of bizarre diets which many dieticians claim to have perfected. Yet, when you look at celebrities with awesome bodies and high fitness levels, it appeals to you like none. There are many reasons that beckon calling celebrity fitness and celebrity fit club diet as celebrity diet secrets by their fanciers.

Well, What Does The Celebrity Diet Plan Involve?

The foremost thing in celebrity diet and fitness is sensible eating which calls for a strong resolution about your eating habits. This macrobiotic diet plan bans all dairy products meat, eggs, and coffee. Junk foods and cheese are a strict no-no. Dieticians recommend you a celebrity juice diet or celebrity diet pills in addition. Basically it consists of foods of high glycemic index (GI) which indicates how fast a food gets digested into glucose. The theory behind this is higher and faster the glucose release is quicker is insulin’s action and assimilation of glucose. This makes you hungry for food again fast.

Description of The Celebrity Diet Plan

Celebs are really fussy about what they eat. Most of them, especially women, swear by eating fresh and prepackaged foods don’t find a favor with them. In general it is less of fat and more of fresh high GI foods with little or no caffeine. Drinking of plain water assumes a lot of importance too as it helps to get whatever toxins in the blood out. Add a couple of citrus fruits to the routine to add a little extra vitamin C.

Foods That Are Prohibited And Included In The Celebrity Diet Secrets

There are certain food items that are included in the celebrity diet plan and some of them are exempted

Foods That Are Included In a Celebrity Diet Plan
  • Drinking lots of water prevents you from drinking coke or juice which instead adds calories.
  • You can increase wheat bread intake provided you watch out for its sugar content. Check for it on the packing.
  • An assorted vegetable salad augers perfectly well even with the celebrity fit club diet. If you like beans, beets, spinach, cukes, cauliflower or broccoli with raisins, nuts, peas, eggs, salami and olives, help yourself to a graceful serving. You can avoid dressing, however peanut butter is okay.
  • You can also include celebrity diet pills like Phen375 plus a celebrity juice diet to this routine.
Foods That Are Prohibited In a Celebrity Diet Plan
  • Meat is the first enemy of a fit and slim physique. Especially the red variety has lots of saturated fats which convert to cholesterol.
  • Sweets and potatoes add a lot of glucose to your body. Avoid them as long as you can not desist eating them.
  • Milk, milk products like cheese and butter are also prohibited by the celebrity diet and fitness regimen.
  • Coffee (caffeine) is one thing which must be avoided for its double edged onslaught to derail your fitness plan. In addition to caffeine, you will have avoided sugar also, if you control drinking coffee.
  • Alcohol and smoking should be strictly avoided.

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