5 Tips To Reduce Asthma Attacks At Home

Asthma can be a deadly disease, triggered by the smallest of reasons. People suffering from asthma have to be extra careful to avoid attacks. They can’t function in an environment that is even the least bit polluted. This can stifle their freedom. However, they have a right to feel safe at home. If you can’t stop worrying about asthma attacks at home, then where can you? It’s up to the loved ones to ensure a safe environment for people suffering from asthma. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Keep Your House Clean

window blinds

Ensuring an allergen free environment starts with keeping a clean house. When it comes to asthma, cleanliness is truly next to godliness. Keep your curtains clean, because that’s where most of the dust mites are found. If you can, avoid curtains altogether, instead opt for window blinds. Vacuum your carpets daily or they’ll release dust clouds every time people walk across them. Hardwood flooring is a better alternative, if you’re thinking about a home improvement project. When it comes to keeping your loved ones safe, it’s worth the cost.

Avoid Aerosol Products


When you have someone suffering from asthma living in the house, you don’t go around spraying air freshener. Have some common sense. Avoid aerosol products altogether or you’ll have to resuscitate the patient every time you spray it. Sometimes even scented candles can be deadly. You never know when a romantic evening can turn into a visit to the doctor. Avoid using scented detergents or cleaning products either. It’ll save you money and keep the patient safe. So it’s a win-win. Consult a doctor to get a detailed list of things you should avoid using in the house.

Beware of Pets


Pets may be cute and cuddly, but they can induce asthma attacks in patients. Put them up for adoption, or your four legged friend might be the reason for your affliction. If you decide to keep them anyway you’ll have to pay special attention to them. First of all they should be kept away from patients. All your cleaning efforts will be futile if your pet keeps spreading dander everywhere. Give your pet a bath every week, so this doesn’t happen. If you have an animal cage, keep it in a separate room. It can be quite unsanitary due to animal droppings.

Maintain a Smoke Free Environment

no smoking

Smoking doesn’t just kill the person with a cigarette in his mouth; it also kills people in the vicinity. If you want to poison your lungs, you’re welcome to do so, but do it outside the house. Asthma patients have enough to worry about without you blowing smoke on their face. However, when it comes to smoke, no one can outmatch a fireplace. Opt for central heating instead of lighting a fire during winter. It’ll also make Santa Claus happy. He won’t have to worry about climbing down your chimney. It’ll keep the air clean for people suffering from asthma.

Install an Air Filtration System

Air filter

Clean air is a necessity for asthmatics to breathe easy, the cleaner the better. In a home environment you don’t really have control over the air you breathe. It can be polluted in so many different ways. If you have a loved one with a serious case of asthma, install a HEPA filtration system in your house. It’s meant to purify the air in medical centers and laboratories, so you can imagine how powerful it is. If you really care about your loved one, you should definitely get it. It’ll keep the air ultra pure, which you can breathe in without a worry.

It’s important to keep the home environment safe for asthmatics. At home they shouldn’t have to worry about exhaust fumes and dust clouds. The tips mentioned here not only benefits asthmatics, but also the average home owner. These days you can’t step outside your house without inhaling polluted air. Prolonged exposure to it can cause respiratory disorders. Until mankind switches to green energy, it is advisable to use these tips to keep your home environment safe. Your lungs should be able to rest at home, after taking a beating throughout the day. They deserve better, because your life depends on them.

The author of this article is Ronald Tipton. He is a part of the team at Airepure, a company that specializes in HEPA filtration systems. Ronald loves playing tennis and often takes part in local amateur tournaments.