Foods To Prevent A Cold

onion-bulbIf you are starting to feel the symptoms of a cold or flu coming on; there are some great at home methods of combating it with every day foods.  We all know the hype about oranges and the amount of vitamin C that they pack, but it does not contain the highest amount available in foods. Keep in mind that the intake of vitamin C will not cure the cold or flu, but can shorten the length of time and the severity of the cold or flu.

In the search for vitamin C rich foods it is surprising to find that not only is vitamin C found in fresh fruits but, many fresh vegetables are high in the nutrient as well. This much needed nutrient is not only good for helping with the common cold and flu; it also boosts the immune system to help us stay health year around.

Let’s begin by taking a more in-depth look at some of the super fruits that can help with the symptoms of a cold or flu and the other great affects that they have. The papaya is a one of the tasty treats on the list that not only taste wonderful; it has the ability to help clear the sinuses. Just one cup of the tasty fruit offers 88.3 mg of vitamin C. Other significant affects of this tropical fruit is that it can brighten the skin and give strength to the bone. One can enjoy this healthy fruit by combining it with some other great fruits and yogurt to make a tropical parfait.

Pineapples are a great source of vitamin C and also contain the enzyme bromelain which acts to break down food and aids in reduced bloating. Bromelain works as a natural anti-inflammatory which could be handy for those that enjoy rigorous workouts and are looking for a quicker recovery time. Pineapple is very versatile in the aspect of cooking which makes it a great choice on the list of super fruits.

Kiwi is another unexpected treasure in the search for vitamin C having 137.2 mg in just two fruits; that is 50% more than that found in a medium sized orange.  This little fuzzy fruit is also very rich in potassium; another nutrient that is much needed in the human body. Combine these with shrimp, cilantro, and a few other ingredients to enjoy an awesome kiwi, shrimp salad while nursing the symptoms of a cold.

For those that like to spice things up; adding a half cup of chili peppers to their meal can give them 107.8 mg of vitamin C to help with the symptoms. The chili pepper is more than just an added spice; it contains capsaicin; the compound that makes it hot and can help with the relief of knee joint pain or muscle pain.   Many people are counting calories on a daily basis so; they will be thrilled to know that they can get a solid amount of vitamin C from a serving of broccoli at only 30 calories.  Additionally, persons needing more fiber will benefit from the wealth of it provided in broccoli. Research has shown that broccoli may also provide cancer prevention properties.

These super foods are not a guarantee for what ails you, but they have the capabilities of helping and easing the process. This is just a snippet of the great foods that are readily available to work as home remedies in nursing colds, relaxing a painful leg muscle, and giving support to the immune system.  Remember that eating, being, and living healthy isn’t just for those on a diet.

Donna has been a nurse in the aged care place for the past 16 years and three of these with DearJane were she creates much needed support and comfort products herself for this market.