Understanding Crystals And Healing

crystals Healing with crystals is not something new. Crystals have been around since well before modern medicine and probably since will before much of the ancient world. As a complementary medicine or a supplement to all of the other treatments you may be undergoing, crystals will do better than just make you feel better. In general though, keep the following in mind. Though it’s not 100% true, crystals enter into the Reiki picture along with another historically unrelated practice: the study of chakras and the chakra system.

Like the chakra system, the practice of handling and healing with crystals is generally not taught as part of the Reiki tradition. It’s well known that Reiki comes from a Japanese tradition and while it is hardly strict, it is a well-defined and well-delineated practice. Crystals, while they fall outside of that practice, are still a big help to the laying on of hands that takes up the majority of any Reiki practitioner’s time. So we’re actually looking at hybrid of many different practices and traditions in an effort to get to the best results. You play a big part in determining not only the successful achievement of those results, but also in determining what those results should be.

In fact, Reiki practitioners, and even practitioners trained in chakra theory, are always working with hundreds of energy centers and networks in the body, not simply those delineated in chakra theory. But for simplicity’s sake, most practitioners from any background will concentrate on the chakra system. It’s largely understood, and helps to delineate the major networks and energy points in and around the body. It provides some basic guidelines and isn’t canceled out by any competing theory.

Hopefully, you have a warm, open relationship with your Reiki practitioner already. If not then get one. Talking and openness and sharing are all part of the process and they’re important to the healing process. Use the following points to start a discussion with your practitioner and don’t hold back. Make sure you cover all the finer points from a personal point of view and ask your practitioner for a professional opinion.

1)       At an elementary level, at the level of elements, crystals are among the most pure of substances. They are concentrated but they are made up of many of the same things that you are made of.

2)       Geometry: Crystals are simply arrangements of the elements and minerals into regular geometric shapes. There is order in each of them, though each is unique. Geometry is used as a basis for architecture and design, but all geometry originates in a study of natural forms and systems. You’re a natural form and a system, too!

3)       Stone: Like elements and minerals, the very basis of life is set in stone and provides the foundations on which you can build. Crystals, which are simply the purest of stones, remind you not just of purity but of strength, too.

4)       The chakras: Like the geometry mentioned above, your own body and the energy moving through and around it are also organized in a system of points and sub-points. Crystals – and hands – can be used to intensify or change the movement and flow of that energy.

Many practitioners will recommend using a specific crystal for each chakra. These can vary and in many cases this is where the most interesting and complicated discussions can take place. It all depends on your goals, the results you’re looking for, the nature of the treatment and even the personality of the practitioner. Stones, colors and qualities can vary greatly, and the better you know the crystals you’re handling, the better you can decide how to use them and where to place them.

Your practitioner may also want to use a grid by arranging them in a pattern beneath the table or near to the body. This can also provide an interesting and experimental “constant” to what could seem like an otherwise cerebral process. That’s one of the real advantages to working with crystals. Simple patterns could include a Star of David pattern or a simple triangle. Finding one that really works could mean increasing the intensity of the experience or it could mean longer relief from pain or worry.

It is a good practice to purchase your own crystals. Most Reiki practitioners will agree. Your practitioner may be able to advise you on which stones and from where, and it might even make a nice change of routine to go together and find some. Develop your own relationship and understanding with them, cleanse them yourself and work with them outside of your Reiki treatments. After all, it’s YOUR energy that your practitioner is focusing on.

This article was written by James Tomon. James is a writer working out of Mexico City who believes that everyone has the energy within them to heal themselves.