Five Reasons You Should Consider Publishing Your Experiences With Addiction

Suffering from addiction is a very unique thing. We’re all different and combat things in different ways. However, it’s one of the most common problems on the planet, with millions of people suffering worldwide.

From alcohol to gambling, cocaine to ketamine addiction, people are suffering in their droves, with the likes of the USA going through a huge fentanyl crisis.

It isn’t impossible to come out of the other side though, and many people have completely turned their lives around as a result. If that’s you, then it provides you with the opportunity to inspire others to get the help they need to.

A good way to do that is through publishing your story. And there are many reasons why it could be a good idea to do so to, including:

Break the Stigma

Addiction carries with it a significant amount of stigma. Many people still view addiction as a moral failing rather than a chronic illness. However, when people share their stories about their struggles with addiction, they help break down these stigmas by demonstrating that addiction can happen to anyone. By sharing your story, you show others that addiction does not discriminate, and that it is possible to overcome it.

Help Others

You can help others who are struggling with similar issues. When someone is struggling with addiction, they may feel isolated and alone. However, by reading about someone else’s journey, they can see that they are not alone and that there is hope for recovery. Your story could inspire someone to seek help or give them the strength they need to keep going.

Foster Connection

Addiction can be an isolating experience. By sharing your story, you can help others feel less alone in their struggles. When people read about your experiences, they may feel a sense of connection and community, knowing that others have faced similar challenges. Your story could be the beginning of a conversation or a support network that helps others through their recovery journey.

Raise Awareness

By publishing your experiences with addiction, you can also be a method of helping raise awareness about the issue. Many people still do not understand addiction and the impact it can have on individuals and their families. Your story could help educate people about addiction and the importance of treatment and recovery. This increased awareness could help reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and improve access to resources for those who need them.

Find Healing

Sharing your experiences with addiction can also be a powerful tool for your own healing. Writing about your experiences can help you process your emotions and reflect on your journey. It can also help you identify patterns or triggers that may have led to your addiction, helping you to avoid similar situations in the future. By sharing your story, you may also find support and validation from others, which can be healing in itself.

It isn’t an easy experience to do, although many will also find it cathartic, but getting pen to paper and writing about your journey could not only be good for yourself, but can even save lives and provide an important platform for others to speak out about their own problems and experiences. Which, of course, makes the world a better place.

Go Sober For October: Our Top Tips

The final few months of the year has always been an interesting one when it comes to our sobriety. On the one hand, October is one where many charities encourage you to give up the likes of smoking and alcohol for the month, while when it comes to Christmas it’s awash with socialising, Christmas parties and eggnog on Christmas Day morning.

However, if Stoptober or going Sober for October is something you’re thinking about, then good on you.

It’s not an easy feat, and actually if you really do struggle it could be a sign of problems with a substance. For example, if you can’t stay off alcohol for more than a couple of days, it may start to notice signs of addiction and it could be that alcohol rehab is worth looking into.

That in itself is perhaps a successful result for going Sober for October, as you’ve identified an issue that needs solving for the benefit of your health, but if you’re looking to go the whole month, here are a few tips to help you reach Halloween with no alcohol demons on your back…

Declare your goals

Set out your intentions not only to yourself but friends and family too. Making your goals out loud will make you more determined to see them through and you can even make charts and social media posts to provide updates on a day to day basis. It’s that out loud commitment that is important and can be a driving force behind you following it through.

Avoid Triggers

When it comes to suffering from alcohol addiction, avoiding anything that could trigger relapse and succumbing to a pint of beer or swig of alcohol is a must. And the same applies when trying to give it up for a month in October.

Think about the scenarios in which you drink and what makes you turn to alcohol. You’ll likely notice key trends, and therefore it’s worth avoiding those trends.

Find alternatives

Many people use alcohol as a coping mechanism, so if that’s you then find an alternative to that. Often what can be a good plan is to have a change of scenery, so perhaps go for a walk or do some exercise, or even trips to the cinema can be a great idea to destress and escape from reality for a short while, which is essentially what you’re doing with alcohol.

Of course, visiting the pub could be a regular social thing you do too, so for one month maybe meet your friends at a coffee shop or think of a different way to spend time together.

Tips to Prevent a Wet Basement Disaster

Floods are the leading disaster in the U.S., which cost more than $3 billion worth of annual claims. Aside from typhoons, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, melting ice and snow can flood your basement, too. It usually happens during a winter thaw, causing snow and ice to melt rapidly.

When your flooded basement stays soggy for an extended period, it could cause severe water damage. Take the time to learn more about water damage. When you see signs of water leak in your home, call a professional leak detection company right away. Doing so can help reduce water damage as well as your water bill.

Aside from melting snow and ice, some of the flood causes in your home or office are burst pipes, flash floods, poor lot grading, cracks in the foundation, and many more. To reduce the risk of flooding, prevention is the answer. Check some of the tips that can help you out:

Clean the downspouts and gutters

Remove all the debris in your home’s downspouts and gutters. Also, the downspouts should be positioned away from the foundation of your abode. They should also drain properly and be at least 6 ½ ft away.

Fill and seal cracks

Inspect the walls of your home for gaps and cracks that could become an entrance for water. The same is true for the foundations and windows of your home. Once you spot cracks and window wells, apply epoxy on the cracks and use a masonry sealer inside your home. For severe cases, ask a professional for help.

Ask a plumber to install a sump pump

A professional plumber can help ensure that your home’s plumbing works properly and is in good condition. They can inspect for any leakage and apply proper fixes when necessary. If your home doesn’t have a sump pump, ask a plumber to install one.

A sump pump draws out water from the sump basin and leads it outdoors. Install one at the lowest area of the basement and ensure that it’s clean by checking it from time to time. This machine requires power to work, so a battery-powered sump pump could come in handy during power outages. Furthermore, it helps mitigate water during a flood. Warped flooring, soaked rugs, damaged walls, and damaged furniture could become worse when you don’t act right away.

Have shrubs and other plants around your property

Shrubs and flowering plants can help absorb excess water, so it’s best to have them around your property. The same is true for porous pavements.

Maintain pipes and drains

Among the common mistakes, you might be making every day is disposing of grease and oil down your drains. This habit could clog your drain. Similarly, you should avoid flushing objects on your toilet, which could block the sanitary pipe.

Remove piles of snow near your home

After shoveling snow from your sidewalk or driveway, make sure to collect them far from your home. When piles of snowmelt near your abode, it could mean disaster.


In closing, a soggy basement could expose the dwellers to possible health risks. It could also damage your property, resulting in health problems and costly repairs. 

Why Your Bedroom Makeover Needs to Happen Soon

It’s exciting to give your bedroom a makeover. It’s your safe space, and you want it to be the best place at home. However, you constantly change plans due to financial reasons. You have other expenses to consider, and the bedroom makeover takes a back seat. These reasons will tell you it’s time to make your desired changes soon.

You no longer feel comfortable

You will face problems wherever you go. Even at home, you still have to deal with family issues. The bedroom is the only place to be alone and away from these problems. So, you can’t afford to have one that doesn’t make you feel great. Whether it’s the room’s physical appearance or a terrible event that happened recently, you feel that something needs to change.

It’s been a while

You redecorate your living room constantly because it’s where you receive guests. However, you probably can’t remember the last time you changed things inside the bedroom. Even if you spend money on these plans, you won’t regret it. If anything, you will feel glad about your decision. Once you appreciate the results, you will keep redecorating your bedroom.

You’re thinking about it

If you consider redecorating your bedroom, it shows your interest in getting things done. You might get inspired by lifestyle websites or social media pages, but your feeling will constantly change. If you don’t do it now, it could take a while before you reconsider. While you’re at it, you must pursue the changes. Consider installing bespoke wardrobes if you have more money to spare. Customising your furniture leads to stunning results. Organising things will also be easy.

There are repair issues

You should consider a makeover if your bedroom looks terrible with the repair issues. However, you might also put yourself at risk since these problems could cause injuries. Seek help and solve the issue immediately.

You intend to sell your property

If you’re looking at the possibility of selling your house, you should improve it. You wouldn’t want to sell a house that looks bad. You can also boost its value when everything looks good. Don’t accept any invitation to view the house or host an open house if the place isn’t ready.

You have guests coming

Apart from your bedroom, your guest room might also require changes. You keep delaying the plans because no one uses them. When you expect guests to come soon, it’s time for a makeover. Of course, you want them to feel comfortable at your place. You also wish to leave a positive impression. These changes show how much you care about the guests.

You can afford the cost

Another reason why you consider the makeover is you can afford the price. You know it’s not easy to pursue the changes when you don’t have sufficient finances. So before you spend your money on unnecessary things, you must prioritise the makeover. Besides, the cost will keep going up if you don’t do anything about it now.

Hopefully, these reasons will convince you to improve your bedroom. Start by looking for inspiration from lifestyle websites or magazines to determine what suits your bedroom. Then, consult with your contractor to determine the cost. Set a date to pursue the construction. Make yourself available if you need to approve the plans or if changes are necessary along the way.

Once you like how it feels to be in your new room, you should consider another design in the future. It also helps to have a savings account intended only for home improvement. So when you think about changing something at home, you can afford it. You won’t need to wait for a while before doing anything.

Phenq Review The Best Way To Recognize The Positives Of The Supplements

Phenq supplements have their abbreviation as Phenq weight loss supplements. These supplements play a very important role in increasing the fat-burning process of the body and facilitating quick and affordable weight loss to people. Also, these supplements have a lot of natural and pure ingredients that do not tamper with your body at all. This will ensure that you don’t face any kind of allergies during the consumption process of these supplements and that is for sure.

Considering the requirement of people to start consuming these supplements, it is normally brought to us that people should start consuming these supplements as soon as they feel that their bodies and health is going on a downfall and should be controlled well in time so that something miserable does not happen to them in the initial place at all.

What can we know about the Supplements from the Phenq Review

The phenq review is a transparent mirror through which everything about phenq supplements can be seen. It is surprisingly true that Phenq has been helping to heal the bodies of numerous people, both from the inside and from the outside. In a way, these supplements are helping people turn out to be much better on their health and facilitate themselves with lifelong health security.

All this is also becoming possible at very affordable and convenient prices and that is exactly what has attracted a huge mass of people towards these supplements. In the initial place, these supplements are very crucial for people taking into consideration their busy and stressful lives.


Using the Phenq weight loss supplements has provided amazing health benefits to a lot of people till now and will hold them back even in the future. These supplements have always been trying to give their best to the people in the respects of their lives and health. People are much more satisfied by consuming these supplements and that is why they are surely not going to quit on them in any case even in the future.

So, taking the help of these supplements will always be concern-free and healthy for the people and they will experience incredible advantages with that as well. For this reason, these supplements should come into consideration from people’s side to an increasing extent, and that too without any doubt or second thought.

The Five Finest Snacks To Eat After A Run

You can easily be tempted to relax on your bed with a pack of donuts after a run. However, getting your recovery nutrition right is as important as the run itself. One of the benefits of eating the right food during recovery is choosing something with the nutritional value to maximize the benefits of your training session. In other words, eating the right recovery snack can significantly enhance your running speed.

The most important things you should focus on immediately after a run are replenishing the glycogen that has been consumed during the exercise and instigating the repair of your muscles. Hence, post-run snacks play a crucial role in aiding recovery.

The best time for your body to take advantage of the nutrients available to aid self-repair is immediately after a workout. We recommend that your post-run snacks contain protein and carbohydrates. Also, you should consume your recovery snack 30 minutes after your workout at most. You can eat a solid meal two hours later.

Here are the five recovery snacks we recommend you eat after a run:

  • DRIED FRUIT AND NUTS: A renowned double Olympic gold medalist revealed that dried fruit and nuts were her go-to snacks whenever she needed to enhance her recovery. Nuts are rich in Vitamin E and protein. These nutrients help guard the muscles against significant damage. They also contain a good level of Omega 3 which can help reduce inflammation. They also help in reducing fatigue because they are rich in unsaturated fat. Dried fruit, on the other hand, is rich in carbohydrates. Hence, making it a great option to restock depleted glycogen in the body. Check over here to find an alternative way you can improve your body muscles.
  • NUT BUTTER WITH TOAST: One of the reasons toast is a great post-run recovery snack is that it is rich in carbohydrates. Hence, making it efficient in restoring depleted glycogen in the body. When you eat you toast it with almond, cashew, or peanut butter, to add protein and other vital nutrients like Vitamin E, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium to the equation.
  • FRUIT AND GREEK YOGURT: Greek yogurt is rich in protein. It typically contains double the concentration of protein in other yogurts. The best part is that you can get fat-free Greek yogurt at most local stores. To spice up your snack, you can eat the yogurt with fruit with honey drizzle and cereal toppings. Greek yogurt is also rich in carbohydrates.
  • RICE CAKES AND HUMMUS: Recently, hummus has become one of the most common recovery snacks out there. The reason is that it is highly nutritious. Hummus is rich in protein, phosphorus, vitamin B6 and A, folate, iron, riboflavin, etc. Rice cakes are quite rich in carbohydrates.
  • CHOCOLATE MILK: One of the attributes of a good run is a suppressed appetite. However, you will still need to do your best to ensure depleted vitamins are replaced. This is why you will need a recovery drink. Chocolate milk is a great choice because it is rich in protein.

To enjoy the optimal benefits of a run, you need to pay attention to the recovery snacks you consume.

Stay Healthy and Relieve Your Stress with Gaming

We are living in stressful times so it is inevitable to feel stressed sometimes. Some people are coping better than others, but we all struggle with it. If you feel stressed, an important thing to do is to get your mind off of it. You must take some steps to relax and calm down your mind and body. Never let stress pile up because that can seriously damage your health and make you unhappy. The best way to cope with stress and get rid of it is to do something that makes you happy. Some try cooking, others cleaning, while some prefer some other physical activity to relieve their tension. Anyhow, do your best to keep yourself busy with something and get that adrenaline going in your body.

How to Quickly Get Rid Of Stress

Any physical activity is great for reducing stress levels. Even small exercises with your arms and legs while you sit in front of the computer can help you a lot. But before exercising, try to calm down your brain and body by taking a few very deep breaths. Find a quiet spot in your home and breathe slowly and deeply for a few seconds. That will prepare your body for the successful elimination of stress. Then, the physical work will boost the blood flow in your body and will keep you focused and balanced, allowing you to do your tasks more easily and happily.

Besides exercising and meditating, another very successful way of eliminating stress is through online gaming. Visit some quality websites like and keep yourself entertained. Playing attractive casino games with a chance to win money will boost your adrenaline and will release hormones in your body that lead to happiness. You will feel very excited, knowing that you are one click away from winning a jackpot or some other prize.

Online gaming is known as a great stress reliever for many people. That is because gaming gets people`s inner juices flowing. Thinking of a prize also makes them feel positive and upbeat. Today`s casino games are fun and created with the highest technology. All your senses get stimulated while you play, which in turn leads to lowered levels of stress. After your gaming session is over you can calmly proceed towards doing other important things in your life.

Keep in mind that all people are different when it comes to ways in which they deal with stress. Something that works well for one person does not necessarily mean it will work well for someone else. You need to find something that makes you happy and do it regularly. Doing a little something you love every day will certainly make your life better and fulfilled.

These were some simple and effective advice for you to follow. Doing the things mentioned here regularly will keep you healthy and balanced in life. Be aware when stress is starting to catch up with you and find the best solution for your problems.

Honest Ways to Cheat at Online Slots

Would you like to gain an edge when playing online slots? Then you’ve come to the right place as in this article, we at are going to show you honest ways to cheat at online slots? So, without further ado, let’s learn how to cheat (honestly)!

Find the Best Freebies

One of the easiest ways to get ahead in online slots is to find the best freebies. But how can we do this. Well, it’s easy, really. Simply, scroll though the introductory offers of online casinos (those possessing a UK Gambling Commission license). Next, find the best bonus offers. For instance, look for the casino with the biggest first deposit bonus. Thus, if you manage to locate one that gives you 100% on your first £500 deposit, you’ll receive £1,000 once you’ve lodged in your initial deposit (£500 + £500 = £1,000). Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully, though.

Sign Up With Several Casinos

Of course, since you’re not obliged to frequent just one online casino, sign up with a bunch of the better ones to benefit from more bonuses. Then instead of getting just one deposit bonus or batch of free spins, you’ll be awarded several. And in this case the more is the merrier, right?

Get to Know Your Games Inside Out Through Demo Games

While free cash and free spins can help you get to know slots well, most of these offers have strings attached. But don’t despair as there is an even better way to understand a slot – through demo games. What are these? Demo games are free games you can play of your favourite slots. The best way to access these is through the slot developers’ websites themselves (not through online casinos). Thus, let’s say you wish to play Hall of the Gods from NetEnt. Head to NetEnt’s website and spend as much time as possible playing free games of it. Then, when you start playing for cash, you’ll know the slot inside out.

 Choose Generous Slot Machines

When choosing a slot, don’t just focus on things like genre and graphics; we also need to pay close attention to profitability. And while it’s a good idea to research a slot’s return to player (RTP), focussing on this figure alone can be misleading. True, the RTP can tell us the odds in a game, and the higher the RTP, the better your chance of winning. But RTPs can only get you so far; you need to consider a slot’s volatility, too. For example, even though slots with medium-low volatility don’t pay out very much, they do pay out often. In contrast, although slots with medium-high volatility tend to pay out big, they don’t reward you regularly. So if you wish to make your money go further, opt for low variance slots with high RTPs.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article and why don’t you start putting your new-found knowledge to the test right now?

Starburst Slot Gameplay Review

Play today and have bags of fun with the Starburst slot game, which offers players multiple ways to win, no matter what!

 The starburst slot game at King Casino is one of the most well known games available to play today from the giants at the software platform NetEnt, one of the best makers of games out there.

 The starburst slot game immerses players into a world of fun along with exhilarating wins, as long as you use the many special features to your advantage.

 Unlike any gaming experience you’ve had before, starburst slots offer big wins and fantastic bonus features with plenty of cash-winning boosts to give you big wins and fun times. 

Gameplay on this UK slot game

Starburst slot game is not only fun, but it’s great for those who want to play to win too! With 21 winning combos on offer with plenty of symbols to win with.

The standard of graphics with Starburst slot are fantastically bright giving the game a lovely whimsical feel, and immersing you in a world of playfulness.

 The quality of these graphics amongst the reels is brilliantly executed as it ties in well with the fun theme, and they represent the colours of the gems well, with a soundtrack that highlights all of these variations perfectly.

 The coin values in Starburst slot range from 1p to one pound, and there are 10 betting levels to choose from, no matter what the value is that you choose to play with.

 The fame has 10 pay lines whilst you play, but when the pay outs take place from left to right and right to left, this actually in fact makes up a game with 20 pay lines. 

Starburst slot special features

If you’re amongst those players who do love to enjoy a good bonus round, prepare to get excited because Starburst slot game doesn’t have a bonus round – this game has two!

 The wonderful starburst slot game can be played free, and this offers players the wild symbol, which replaces all other symbols to give the player multiple chances to create winning combos.

 There is a wild symbol, which appears only on the second, third and fourth reels, and it expands when it does show up on the reels and this expansion means it fills the whole reel that has been occupied, and this makes way for a re-spin re-activation. In a round that is featured, you can spin at a maximum of three times to win. 


The starburst slot game is a fun game to play that you won’t want to miss out on. The starburst slot game offers amazing features along with various offers and just has a bit more to give than other games at the casino.

 It offers affordable rates too, making Starburst slot a fantastic option for those with little budgets or who are just beginning to dip their toes into the slots water and don’t want to spend loads of money just to see if they like to game with slots or not.

 All in all a great game that you’d be mad to miss out on!

Mustang Gold Slot

Hang out with cowboys, cowgirls and wild horses in Mustang Gold slot by Pragmatic Play. Set in the American West, this fun slot comes with a couple of cool bonus features that could help you ride off into the sunset with up to 12,000 times your stake at

Slot Features

Mustang Gold is a 5-reel, 3-row, 25-payline, medium-variance, cowboy-themed video slot. With bonus rounds, massive jackpots, and an RTP of 96.53%, Mustang Gold delivers tons of thrills. And you can play this slot on any device from between 25p and £125 a spin.  

Slot Symbols

There are eight regular symbols in this game. The lower-value ones are the playing cards (jacks, queens, kings and aces), while higher-value ones are cowgirls, cowboys, black mustangs and white mustangs. The black mustang is the most valuable of these symbols – paying up to 20 times your stake (if you manage to land 5 on a payline).

Mustang Gold also boasts a scatter symbol, a wild symbol and money and collect symbols. The slot logo is the wild and it substitutes for all other symbols, except the scatter. The wild can only appear on reels 2-4, though. The camp fire symbol works as the scatter, while horse shoe symbols and sheriff’s badge collect symbols appear in the bonus rounds. 

Bonus Features

Mustang Gold contains 3 bonus rounds. In the Money Collect feature, you head to a new screen and choose from a selection of horse shoes. Each horse shoe comes with a cash value and if you land a sheriff’s badge collect together with these, you win the cash totals on the horse shoes.

Meanwhile, a Jackpot Reveal Bonus Game feature can be triggered by landing a jackpot horse shoe symbol anywhere on the reels plus the sheriff’s badge symbol on the 5th reel. And once again, you have to select horse shoes to reveal a jackpot symbol here. What’s more, if you can match 3 of the same symbols, you win the Mini, Minor, Major or Grand prize (50, 100, 200 or 1,000 times your bet, respectively).

The Free Spins feature’s accessed by landing the scatter on reels 2,3 and 4 (you also win a payout equal to your total stake). There are up to 8 free spins on offer and more wilds and horse shoes are also added during this round so you can win lots of bonus prizes. Plus, if you’re really lucky, you could win unlimited additional free spins.

More About the Developer – Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a huge player in the iGaming industry because its multi-product portfolio is innovative and mobile-focussed, and it strives to create the most engaging and evocative experience for its customers across a wide range of products (including live casino, bingo and slots). The developer has won numerous awards and some of its other slots include Wolf Gold, Lucky Strike and Queen of Gold. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re into horses, cowboys and thrilling bonuses, then check out Mustang Gold from Pragmatic Play.