The Dangers of Drug Addiction

Recreational drug use is becoming more and more acceptable as the years go on. Socially, it seems widely acceptable to occasionally take cannabis or MDMA. However, despite the seemingly more relaxed attitude towards certain drugs most of them are still illegal and they are not without their dangers and risks. The biggest problem is when recreational use becomes habitual and users become addicted. The following are some of the dangers involved with drug addiction that you should be aware of.

The Law

It may seem like a fairly obvious point but the majority of drugs used recreationally are illegal! Many people frequently take drugs, on nights out round the town without consequence. As people are rarely noticed or arrested for using drugs on nights out some users feel a lot more comfortable and confident with taking them regularly. Of course the more you use them the higher the risk is of being caught, and the more you use the more you you need to get a high. A relaxed attitude towards drugs and possible addiction often leads people to have drugs on their person much more often. In certain states the laws are very strict on drugs and being caught with them will have consequences that are likely to affect later life or even put you in jail.The Dangers of Drug Addiction

Your health

The frequent use of any drug is likely to have adverse effects on your health: snorting drugs often damages the septum, nasal passages and sinuses; Injecting drugs can lead to vein collapses, blood clots and blood diseases such as hepatitis (if needles are shared) and smoking damages the mouth, throat and lungs. Without getting into the potential damaging effects of individual drugs, the methods of consuming them are harmful enough. In addition to this the chemicals that many drugs are cut with are likely to poison an addict to some degree, usually damaging the liver and kidneys.

As well as the physical damage drugs do, there are also many psychological risks when recreational use becomes habitual. Getting hooked on drugs means that the brain doesn’t operate normally without them. Withdrawal symptoms often leave people feeling depressed, unmotivated and lethargic making the routines of day to day life hard to deal with.

Loved ones

Drug addiction is rarely something that just affects the addict. Family and friends having to deal with seeing someone they care about deteriorating is not easy and can lead to problems in their lives as well. The danger for the addict here relies on how much their loved ones can tolerate. The stress and worry a family experiences sometimes has to be dealt with by asking the addict whether he or she will choose drugs or the family. Losing contact with a family makes recovering from addiction much harder and makes the addict much more vulnerable. In not having anyone to turn to for help, this is when addicts are forced to live on the streets or share houses with other addicts which only makes coming off the drug even more difficult.

This article was submitted by contributing author Stanley Martinson. Stanley is a health writer and is currently focused on issues of drug abuse. For more information regarding this subject, read this!