5 Important Reasons Why You Must Exercise Even When You Get Old


A lot of people seem to think exercise is a young person’s game, but it’s simply not true and should be doing everything within your power to stay as healthy as possible no matter what age you are. There are actually a few very good reasons why you must keep exercising even if you don’t want a cover model body anymore. We’re going to take a look at them today and I hope some of these reasons convince you to start moving more from now on.

Thrive in old age


Once you reach a certain age the body begins to go downhill. Maybe you’ve already started to experience it at the moment, but once you start exercising you will begin to see something magical happening. Instead of slowing down the aging process it can even wind back the clock in some cases. It means you will be able to thrive in old age, whereas at the moment you might only be able to survive. You don’t want to get to the stage where you can’t even walk without help.

Fight off diseases

elderly care

If you stay healthy it will also mean your body finds it easier to fight off horrible diseases. Some medicine and a little rest might mean they don’t stick around, but do you really want to fight diseases in the first place? You won’t even be hit by most of them if your body can stop them from becoming a problem. Life isn’t fun when you’re always sick because you’ll be too weak to enjoy yourself and you will also be in pain on a constant basis.

Save lots of money


Unless you’re a millionaire with a huge savings account you will need a lot of money when you’re older. Even if you have the best insurance in the world you might need to pay for certain things. If you don’t get sick often you will have a lot more money because you won’t need to waste any on something that could easily have been prevented. When you retire you can use your money to enjoy yourself, or if you don’t spend everything you will have more money to leave to your family.

Your lovely family


I bet your family love you more than anything else in the world, so they will want you to be healthy when you’re older. If you aren’t in good health you won’t be able to throw the grand kids about and they’ll remember you as the old person who sat around watching TV all day. You might not even get to see them because you could be dead before they arrive. The only way you’ll be able to enjoy your family as much as possible when you get older is by staying fit and healthy.

Better mental health

mental health

People are afraid to admit they have anything wrong with their mind, but we’re slowly starting to realize it affects more and more of us on a daily basis. Suffering from mental health issues is just as horrible as suffering from physical health issues. If you have a healthy body you have a much better chance of keeping your mind healthy. It’s painful to watch someone losing their mental stability and I’m positive it’s not something you want to suffer from when you get older.

Worse than death

old age

If you ask someone who is struggling with health in their old age they will tell you it’s worse than death. I bet they would do anything for the power to go back and change their life. Their opportunity has sailed away, but you still have control over your destiny so please do everything possible to stay healthy.

This article is authored by Christine Thomas, an intern at Serene Day Spa and Beauty, renowned providers of spa packages in Perth. Christine loves to knit for her little kids, Sam and Lily whenever she has time.