What Value Does A First Aid Course Online Have?

first aid courses

If you do an online search for first aid courses being offered online, you’ll probably run into a few hundred websites that offer you a certification without having to attend a physical course. The fair majority of the websites will claim that people will be able to receive a complete certification after watching a couple of first aid course videos online after which they will have to take a short exam. If they pass the exam with 80% marks the certificate is sent to their doorstep. However, the billion dollar question is if these courses are really worth it? Are they even worth the paper they are printed on?

You need to be there physically

First aid is a physical and practical practice of saving someone’s life using an array of methods. These methods include CPR, artificial resuscitation etc. Also, the courses need to be conducted by a certified instructor who himself will be there to instruct people on particular procedures, and correct them during the class. All of this is not possible if you take a course online. This is why the first aid course online that you’re considering may not be worth it. Even though you may have a certificate that states you attended a class you’ll not know anything when you find yourself in a life and death certification. So, in most cases it’s safe to say that these courses are more scam than anything else.


It should include CPR

Now that we have established that you cannot take a basic or even a refresher course online, the next thing to consider what your offline course should include. It is important to mention at this point that many basic offline first aid training courses do not include important aspects of training like CPR and artificial resuscitation. Those that do often breeze through both of them which leaves students mystified.

The first step to learning CPR or the Basic 1 as some courses refer to it is chest compressions. Learning how to do chest compressions can be slightly tricky for people who have never done it before but takes under an hour to learn and then practice to perfection. Make sure that if you’re a fresher that the course include chest compressions. The Basic 2 of CPR is artificial resuscitation or mouth to mouth resuscitation. Courses that often include both of them in the same class will mostly breeze through which is not suited for newbies.

Check the instructor’s references

If a first aid instructor has been around for a considerable period of time then he or she would have trained a large number of people. You should be aware of instructors who say they have lots of experience but have just two or three references. Make sure that you follow up on the reverences. In addition, go online and search using the instructor’s name to find out what people are saying about him or her online. This should give you a fairly good idea of what you can expect from him.

If you are searching for a first-aid course training instructor online make sure to ask for both online and offline references in your city. This will save you from getting conned by people who are not even first aid experts to begin with but use the internet to take advantage of unsuspecting people.

Attend a sample class

One last step before you decide to enroll a first-aid training course you may have seen online is to attend a sample class. You can also get permission to watch a class which is in session to get a feel for how attentive, helping and knowledgeable the instructor is. If the instructor answers all the questions that students have, and help correct mistakes on the fly then it’s safe to say that the instructor is good enough. However, in some cases if the first aid course is not being offered by a large government hospital you may have to negotiate the rate. This is especially the case if you’re hiring the instructor to pay your company a visit and teach all the employees there the basics of first aid, they will usually charge you by the hour.

Mark is a certified first aid training instructor with over two decades of experience. He has taught hundreds of regular people and even military personnel first aid. This is why he is often referred to as the ‘go to’ guy for everything first aid related.

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