7 Home Remedies To Cure Chapped Lips

chapped lips

Chapped lips are a very common problem and most people are unable to tackle it effectively. Severe and chronic chapped lip are a result of very dry skin on the lip. Dry skin occurs when the moisture, or water, content of the skin is decreased for any reason.The skin on our lips is actually mucous membrane, so for them to remain smooth and chap free is a bit of a challenge. Common cause of severe and chronic chapped lip are allergic reaction to cosmetics, skin infections, extreme weather conditions like excess sun and wind exposure, biting of the lips or a vitamin B deficiency.

Chapped Lips Causes and Symptoms

The vagaries of weather effect the lips. The advent of cold winter winds brings in its wake chapped lips. Summer takes its toll for those who sunbathe or swim. One of the symptoms of a high temperature is dry chapped lips. When the Lip are severe and chronic chapped they usually have the following qualities roughness, dryness, redness, peeling, cracking, sensitivity and tenderness.

Home made Remedies to Cure Chapped Lips

1. Coconut Oil

coconut oil

The application of coconut oil or ghee on dry chapped lips is a common practice in middle-class Indian homes.

2. Fresh Cream

Take some fresh cream of just boiled milk. Add a few drops of fresh lime juice to it. Mix and gently massage on the lips. Wipe off or just dab with a soft tissue.

3. Butter

A lesser-known remedy is to put a little ghee or butter into the navel at night before going to sleep. How this works is anyone’s guess, but work it does! It is a tried and tested remedy.

4. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

Apply petroleum jelly to your lips 3-5 times a day. The great part is that it’s clear and thin, so it looks great over your lipstick because it’s shiny! Try it! It helps in great deal to cure the severe and chronic chapped lip.

5. Ghee

Heat a teaspoonful of ghee and add a pinch of salt to it. Apply this as a lip salve.

6. Glycerine

Glycerine and fresh lime juice can be mixed in equal proportions and kept in a bottle. This can be applied on the face and lips in winter after a hot-water bath.

7. Butter

Rub melted unsalted butter on your lip. Yummy! Just doing this once or twice weekly can prevent chapped lip. During extreme winters, apply vaseline at nights and carry a chap stick for use when needed. This will help to cure from the severe and chronic chapped lip.

Some Prevention Tips

  1. Avoid going out in dry, cold weather without putting on lip balm or lipstick.
  2. Take vitamin B, C foods in diet.
  3. Hot water fomentation, followed by a mixture of Vaseline and honey applied on the lips at least thrice a week will prevent lips from chapping.
  4. Use a sunscreen on your lips when outside in sunny weather. Avoid excessive sun exposure.

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