4 Natural Home Remedies For Miliaria


In our common terms we know Miliaria as prickly heat or rashes produced due to sweat. This is a form of skin disease. In Miliaria we get itchy rashes on our skin. Mostly this kind of Disorder in found in those people who are living in tropical regions. This disorder is more effective in the season of summer. Since the sweat glands of small children are still not fully developed, so they are often affected with skin disorder.

Reason for the occurrence of Miliaria

The main reason for the occurrence of Miliaria is that our dead skin cells blocks our sweat glands ducts. This causes the generation of certain bacteria in our sweat gland ducts. This also results in another skin disorder known as Acne. Because the sweat can not come out due to blocking so it gets trapped in the ducts and causes irritation.

Symptoms and appearance of rashes

Symptoms by which Miliaria can be identified are:

Tiny red rashes known as Papules are formed on the skin. These papules cause itching effect in our skin. They cause a very harsh prickling sensation. The common body parts were we could get affected by Miliaria is neck, under arms, and under the breasts. Rashes can also occur in the areas that get constantly rubbed with our clothes.

Never confuse Miliaria with shingles. Shingles affects our body only on one side. If you see the symptoms of shingles, then you should consult your doctor for medication.

Types of Miliaria

Type of Miliaria is decided by the level of blockage of our sweat gland ducts.

  1. Miliaria crystalline: This form is a mild form of Miliaria. Small blisters are formed on our skin.
  2. Miliaria Rubra: People around the world are affected by this kind of Miliaria. In this kind we get a sensation of inflammation. The rashes get red in color. The blisters formed on our skin are a bit large in size. We get a prickly sensation in such kind of Miliaria. Since our skin is not able to sweat properly in this kind, therefore we would get exhausted very easily. People who are constantly doing activities related to heat are more affected by such kind of Miliaria.
  3. Miliaria Profunda: Miliaria Profunda is the most harmful form. It is also called as wild fire because it spreads in our skin very fast. It also gives a burning sensation. This will occur if you are continuously affected Miliaria Rubra. Rashes get a color of flesh in this form.

Prevention and treatment of Miliaria

  1. Cool baths and air conditioning are very helpful.
  2. Whenever you are affected by Miliaria consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of shingles, as shingles is a very dangerous problem.
  3. If the rashes lasts for week this may be severe case. Under such conditions you must follow a proper medication.
  4. To avoid Miliaria you must avoid doing the activities which may result in sweat. To avoid further complications the affected people may stay air conditioned and should opt for frequent showers. You may also use certain anti bacterial soaps to reduce the symptoms of Miliaria.

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