Pompholyx: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Pompholyx which is some time also referred as dyshidrosis and dyshidrotic eczema is a skin disorder. Tiny blisters filled with fluid called vesicles appear on our skin in this type of disorder. These fluid filled blisters occur on our palm sole or the feet sole.

These blisters got clear away within a time period of three to four weeks. But when they are present there much discomfort caused by them due to itching. Eventually these blister cracks away when they get dried up. And after that painful groves are formed. That exact cause for the occurrence of this type of disorder is not known. These symptoms could be treated using various options. Various available treatments for Pompholyx are:

  • Light therapy using ultra violet rays.
  • Wet compresses
  • Applying topical creams on the effected areas

Symptoms of Pompholyx

The presence of Pompholyx could be identified by small bumps giving an itchy effect. After some time these bumps are filled with fluid and are now referred as vesicles. Other symptoms of Pompholyx are:

  • Pain in the blisters which are larger in size compared to the previous one.
  • Pain in the fissures between toes and fingers.

Causes of Pompholyx

Pompholyx could be related to other disorders which are related to skin like atopic dermatitis. People who are more prone to several allergies are likely to be affected by Pompholyx.

Similar to dermatitis there is a sensation of skin inflammation in this disease also. The link which is joining the skin cells to the fluid cells is damaged in this disorder. Now a process called spongiosis occurs. This makes the skin to react like a sponge. In some cases due intense itching and scratching the skin gets damaged.

Pompholyx is more frequently observed in women. The ratio is approximately I women.

The time when you may consult a doctor

Look for days and still if problem persists consult your doctor for the reason. In case you are affected with fever or inflammation then also you should consult the doctor.

Physical examination is enough to identify Pompholyx by a doctor. But for more conformation doctors may also advice you for skin biopsy.

Complications regarding Pompholyx

Pompholyx may stop the work you are doing by your hands. It will make your skin look like a sponge and may damage your skin. In this situation it would take more time for the treatment. The reoccurrence of this disease is very irritating and troublesome.

Home Remedies – Treatments available for Pompholyx

  1. Skin protection comes as most important part of its cure. Doctors may advice you use of some creams. This creams helps to enhance the healing speed of your skin.
  2. Wet compressors are used to reduce the blisters. This will relieve you from the itching effect.
  3. Photo therapy: Doctors use therapy using ultraviolet rays in the situations in which no other medication would work. This therapy is known as psorelen plus ultra violet A.
  4. Wear such waterproof gloves during peeling and squeezing lemon, orange or grapefruits, peeling potato, and handling tomato.
  5. Other than from this treatment you may avoid this situation by avoiding skin scratches. After washing your hands keep them moisturized.

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