Why do People Become Vegetarians

High Protein Vegetarian Diet

People who are not vegetarians often cannot figure out why on earth some people give up the delicious taste of meat and meat products. There are actually several different reasons why some people choose to eliminate meat from their diets.

Why do Some Vegetarians Eat Eggs and Dairy?

The term vegetarian covers a lot of different people who eat a lot of different diets. Some vegetarians eat eggs and drink milk, some do not, some eat fish and others do not. The same thing is true of the meat eaters because some people eat pork, and some do not. Some people only eat chicken and avoid beef while others eat it all.

The Four Main Reasons to Be Vegetarian

There are basically four main reasons why some people choose to not eat meat in the manner that meat eaters do. These reasons include:

  • Some people feel that the animals that are used for food are treated inhumanely and they do not want to participate in the torture and what they consider as cruel lives these animals live. Some of the people who are vegetarian for these reasons are called vegans. Vegans do not eat meat and they do not eat anything that contains yeast, nor do they wear anything made of wool, or leather.
  • Some people have religious reasons for not eating meat. Hinduism and Buddhism both discourage the consumption of meat.
  • Some people eat in this manner because they have a hard time digesting meat and meat products. In order to be pain free they avoid meat. There are even those people who simply do not like the texture of meats or the flavors of them.
  • Some people eat the vegetarian style because it is environmentally friendlier in their area. There are people and places where the raising of animals is a difficult thing to do.

Is a Vegetarian Diet Really that Healthy For You?

The vegetarian diet is very healthy and encouraged. Even people that do eat meat know that they are supposed to consume more vegetables and whole grains than they do meat products.

What are the Benefits of being Vegetarian?

There are many benefits of eating a vegetarian diet including:

  • Weight control: most vegetarians have less excess fat on their bodies
  • Heart health: most vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels because they do not eat foods containing cholesterol
  • Lower risk of diabetes: because the vegetarians control their weight better they are less likely to become stricken by type II diabetes
  • More energy: because this style of eating eliminates the fats that make us feel sluggish people eating this way are more energetic and report feeling better more often than their peers who eat meat
  • Reduces the risk of Gallbladder conditions: because most gallbladder problems are associated with a high fat diet the reduction of meat and fat are recommended for people to prevent the condition.

Whether or not you eat meat you should try to include as many fruits and vegetables as you can in your daily diet.

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