Side Effects of a Vitamin C Overdose

Vitamin C Overdose

Vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid is very healthy for you in many ways. It builds up your immune system so that you can treat or prevent colds, flu, fever, and even cancer. However, you should watch out because overdosing is possible.

In times past, it was not believed that this would be the case because Vitamin C is a water soluble substance. However, apparently today scientists and doctors are learning differently.

Who can Overdose?

Anyone who takes over the recommended daily allowance of 60 to 75 mg could be in danger of overdose. However, people can safely take up to 1,000 mg safely. The reason why most of the time it is absorbed and then the excess is is flushed out in your urine.

Who is at risk?

People who consume more than 1,000 mg daily-Usually the problem of overdose does not usually occur unless you take more than 1,000 mg per day. People who take under this amount are far less at risk than those who take more than this amount of this very important nutrient in a day’s time.

Individuals who take a variety of vitamin and nutrition supplements-If this is you, then you are among the ones who should be the most careful. If you are consuming many times more than the 100% daily value, watch out. You might have to reduce your supplements dosage or purchase ones that are is less concentrated.

Keep in mind also that it is the interaction with other types of natural herbs and/or other nutrients that could cause the problem, and not necessarily the amount you take. Be careful what you are using and know that it is safe.

By the way, one of the biggest offenders is iron, which you should use in moderation when taking 100 mg of Vitamin C or more. This iron and Vitamin C combination causes unusually rust deposits. This leads to more severe health problems.

The presence of existing health conditions-For example, if you have an inflammatory disease or have a chronic copper deficiency you could be in trouble. The result often is chronic conjunctivitis. This causes a host of minor and serious health problems.

Symptoms of Overdose

People who overdose on Vitamin C often experience nausea, gas, diarrhea, or bloating. They may also notice that their urine smells much stronger. Mouth ulcers may also form in their mouth. Another common symptom of overdose is upset stomach.

Usage Tips

You can experience the many benefits of Vitamin C at a safe level. When you do, you can prevent many diseases including colon cancer. One of the best ways that you can gauge whether you have had too much is if you experience looser stool or diarrhea. This happens to be one of the most common symptoms.


Do not take the information in this article as expert advice. Always seek a doctor before using any vitamins or supplements.

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