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Acai Berry

All about what Acai Berry Is?

Acai berry is a fruit. It grows on Acai palm tree. These palms trees are generally found in several south and Central American countries, chiefly Peru and Brazil. These palms tree grow ever so rapidly. The fruits of the palms trees are very much in demand all around the world. In so many countries of the world, Acai berry is used as a basic food. For healing and wellness, Acai berry has been used for several years on end. In some parts of Brazil, Acai berries, as a customary, are served mixed with honey and sugar.

Apart from them, Acai berry is very popular for its commercial and medicinal value. Acai berry palm trees naturally grow in a good deal in Amazon province and it is also used a part of main diet over there. Additionally, Acai berry fruits are used a source of great energy. They are also used as flavor for ice-creams and juices and their juices are too used to add flavor to liqueur.

It is said that Acai berry is a cousin of the grape. This is all because of the fact that its appearance is akin to the grapes. Acai berry is native to the rainforests of Brazil. In size it is very small but as far as it benefits are concerned, it offers oodles of benefits.

It has amazing antioxidant qualities. It is very rich in some antioxidant such as Vitamin C and polyphenols. In addition to them, 100 g of acai berry pulp has been found to contain 52.2 g of carbohydrates and 533.9 g of calories. As for protein and fat, 100g of Acai berry pulp has 8.1 g of protein and 32.5 g of fat. It has ample amount of iron, calcium and vitamin A with amino acid. It also contains a good deal of plant sterols which help one in containing cholesterol. Not only this, Acai berry contains plenty of omega oils which help the user keep his or her blood pressure (BP) under control.

For the last few years, it has been used a weight loss supplement. And, to one’s great surprise, it has shown a fast and positive to whoever has used it to get rid of the extra pounds. Its amazing power to help one lose weight took the world by storm. Acai berry is nothing short of panacea for those suffering overweight.

Besides them, it has so many beneficial properties and qualities. Besides helping people to lose weight without much ado, it has a lot to offer in terms of health benefits. At, the University of Florida, Acai berry are being used in the lab to check its power to fight cancer cells and it is expected to work wonder for the cancer patients in the future. Apart from its ability to fight cancer cells, it also goes a long way in preventing premature aging and fat retention. Beyond any shade of doubt, Acai berry offers array of health benefits.

Acai Berry

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