Intro to Tibetan Astrology and Astronomy Practices

Tibetan Astrology

The overall objective of Tibetan astrology and astronomy is to understand how the cosmos operate. The main objective is to help people understand how to benefit from its forces and transitions.

Understanding how to benefit from the universes forces and changes helps individuals live in union with one another. This is done in order to accomplish harmony in spite of the constant shifts and movements of which humans are an integral part.

It’s Purpose

Traditional Tibetan astrological readings help set a guideline for the future. It helps outline all possibilities and obstacles so that people understand all the information it can provide.

Insight is sought using Tibetan astrology and is used to learn more about relationships, partnerships, business, career, health, talents, spirituality and past. It also is used to help define present and possible future events.

This often is a part of the readings that are offered. This is where counsel and recommendations for appropriate courses of action are made.

This also is where antidotes are found that help alleviate or remove specific obstacles in a person’s life. After these readings are audio taped they are then sent with a copy of your Tibetan astrological chart.

Tibetan is skar-rtsis or star mathematics and byung-rtsis or elemental astrology. The overall aim of Tibetan astrology and astronomy, like modern sciences is to understand the cosmos.

The main objective is to understand how certain aspects of the universe operate. Another major intention of astrologists and/or astronomists is to understand how human beings can benefit.

This is done in order to help people learn to live in union with one another. This is accomplished while helping them to adjust to all the constant changes and movements of which humans are a part.

Tibetan Horoscope

There is a Tibetan astrology system used to cast a birth horoscope. It is known as the Kalachakra system, and is called Dhus Khor. This system makes use of eight heavenly bodies, but of which Kethu is not included.

Much like in western astrology, this horoscope system focuses on a person’s Sun Sign. However, it also focuses on the Ascendant Sign as well as the weekday of a person’s birth.

In addition to Kalachakra teachings there also is a secret tantric practice that is sometimes used. It is known as Yangchar (Shiva Sarodhaya Tantra), which means Arising Vowels.

The Kalachakra system has an Indian origin. However, it often is used along with the Tibetan astrology horoscope.

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