Tibetan Diet

Tibetan Diet

The Tibetan diet has long been considered since it is very healthy. Some Tibetan foods you may have heard of include the very famous Balep korkun , which is a central Tibetan flatbread.

What is significant about this rather simple but tasty food item is that it is cooked on a skillet rather than in an oven. Sha Balep is another tasty and popular choice, and this is bread stuffed with seasoned beef.

Prepared Sides and Dishes

The Tibetan diet is quite distinct from that of its neighbors since only a few crops (not including rice) grow at such high altitude. The most important crop is barley, and incidentally a type of flour is often milled from roasted barley.

This flour is called tsampa and it is the staple food of Tibet. Balep is Tibetan bread eaten for breakfast or even for lunch.

Thukpa is another dish that is mainly consumed for dinner. It is made of noodles, vegetables and meat in broth. Tibetan thukpas oftentimes is made with pasta made into different shapes

Some other main Tibetan meat dishes are likely to be made from the following: Yak, goat, or mutton. They are often dried or cooked in a spicy stew with potatoes.

Mustard seed is cultivated in Tibet, and therefore features heavily in its cuisine. Yoghurt, butter and cheese are often eaten at meals.

A special treat that is had sometimes is well-prepared yoghurt. This is considered somewhat of a luxury item, a gourmet snack if you will.

It should be noted that sheep or lamb was also very popular in Tibet. Many traditional and modern recipes have been created from it.

Additional Dishes

Another favorite dish in the Tibetan diet is Momos. This is a type of steamed dumpling, which is a heavier version of the Chinese jiaozi.

Thenthuk is also on the menu frequently in homes or public establishments. This is a type of cold-weather soup. It is made with noodles and various vegetables.

A dish called Shab Tra, which is a stir-fried meat tossed with celery, carrots and fresh green chili, is also a very popular dish. It quite common as a matter of fact in many areas of Tibet.

In Closing

As you can see the Tibet diet includes a variety of foods. Many of the dishes eaten have plenty of servings of vegetables in them. The meat is often very lean as well. This is a sign of a very healthy menu.

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