Spotlight on Ayurvedic Herbs

Beyond dietary changes, Ayurveda embraces an array of alternative therapies: exercise, especially yoga; stress-management techniques, including meditation and massage; and herbal medicine. Each of these therapies has been the subject of a battery of scientific studies. Perhaps the most intriguing research relevant to Ayurvedic medicine centers on herbal medicine-specifically, on two related Ayurvedic herbal formulas.

Both formulas are called Maharishi Amrit Kalash, or MAK for short. To distinguish them from one another, they have been assigned numbers. MAK-4 contains raw sugar, ghee (clarified butter, a staple in many Ayurvedic remedies), Indian gallnut, Indian gooseberry, Indian pennywort, honey, nut­grass, white sandalwood, butterfly pea, shoeflower, aloewood, licorice, cardamom, cinnamon, cyperus, and turmeric. MAK-5 is made from black musale, heart-leaved moonseed, butterfly pea, licorice, elephant creeper, Indian wild pepper, and three herbs with no English common names (Gymnema aurentiacum, Sphaerantus indicus, and Yanda spatulatum).

MAK-4 and MAK-5 have undergone laboratory testing at the hands of several scientists. These researchers have uncovered evidence that both MAK formulas may provide a number of health benefits. Studies have shown that these formulas-taken separately or together-may help relieve angina, allergies, and the side effects of chemotherapy. And animal studies suggest that MAK-4 might help shrink breast tumors. The MAK formulas have also helped some people improve their eyesight.

As scientists uncover more information about the therapeutic properties of MAK-4 and MAK-5, both formulas may become more widely available. For now, though, they must be obtained from an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Chiropractic – From Obscurity to Controversy

Spinal manipulation, which is at the heart of chiropractic, has been an integral part of massage-type therapies since ancient times. The ancient Chinese practiced it. The Greek physician Hippocrates recommended it. And the Greco-Roman physician Galen reported curing hand weakness and numbness by manipulating the seventh cervical vertebra, which is located at the base of the neck.

But the specific type of spinal manipulation used in chiropractic was accidentally discovered in 1895 by Daniel David (D. D.) Palmer of Davenport, Iowa. Palmer ran a fish store, but he practiced laying on of hands­a combination of massage and hypnotherapy-on the side.

In 1899, Palmer opened a chiropractic school in Davenport. (It’s still the largest and best-known chiropractic training program in the United States.) He enrolled only a handful of students in the first few years­one of whom was his own son, Bartlett Joshua, better known as B. J.

B. J. Palmer became the chief promoter of chiropractic and an outspoken critic of mainstream medicine. His flamboyance at­tracted scores more students to his father’s school. But his M.D. bashing rankled the medical establishment. Davenport’s main­stream doctors persuaded local authorities to arrest both Palmers. The charge: practicing medicine without a license.

During the 1920s, many chiropractors spent time in jail on similar charges. But prosecutors couldn’t find people to testify that they had been harmed by chiropractic. Eventually, the arrests ceased. By the 1930s, states began licensing chiropractors. By 1974, chiropractic was legal in all 50 states, and about 23,000 licensed chiropractors were treating about eight million Americans.

The “New” Chiropractic

A cornerstone of mainstream medicine’s criticism of chiropractic has been that the spinal misalignment that D. D. Palmer postulated (called subluxations) can’t been seen on x-rays. Many chiropractors have questioned the concept of subluxations as well. “Positive health changes have never been convincingly correlated with vertebral alignment,” notes Daniel Redwood, D.c., a chiropractic physician at Atlantic Chiropractic in Virginia Beach, Virginia. “After an adjustment resulting in dramatic relief from back or headache pain, x-rays rarely show any discernible change in spinal alignment.” In addition, a landmark 1994 study found that many people who don’t have back pain do have significant spinal misalignment.

According to the current theory, chiropractic works not by realigning vertebrae but by normalizing the motion of the vertebrae as they move against one another. Very subtle changes in the motion of the vertebrae can have a profound impact on the nerves that run through them. One study showed that even the very smallest amount of pressure on the nerve root can decrease electrical transmission through the nerve by as much as 50 percent. These findings make chiropractic seem more like acupuncture. Both therapies seek to free blocked energy within the body, though by different means. And both therapies stimulate the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers.

As acupuncture and other alternative therapies have grown in popularity, most chiropractors have expanded their practices. These days, only 15 percent of chiropractors-the “straights” -limit themselves to spinal manipulation. The remaining 85 percent-the “mixers” -may blend spinal manipulation with Western medicine or with other alternative disciplines such as Chinese herbal medicine, relaxation therapies, and nutritional therapies.


Of the various alternative healing systems available ill the United States, chiropractic is by far the most popular. The more than 50,000 licensed doctors of chiropractic (D.Cs) make up the nation’s third largest medical profession, after M.D.’s and dentists. And they’re licensed to practice in every state.

According to a landmark Harvard Medical School survey assessing Americans’ use of alternative therapies, 10 percent of the population visits chiropractors at least once a year. People rate chiropractic as their first choice for treating back problems. Overall, it is the second most popular professionally provided alternative therapy-second only to relaxation therapies.

A handful of chiropractors present them­selves as primary-care physicians capable of treating the same broad range of conditions as family practice M.D.’s. But the vast majority of chiropractors deal almost exclusively with back problems, joint problems, and muscle aches and pains-what doctors batch together as “musculoskeletal complaints.” As many as 90 percent of people who consult chiropractors do so for back pain, neck pain, and headaches (which are often related to muscle tension).

The word chiropractic comes from the Greek cheir, meaning “hand;’ and praxis, meaning “practice.” As a system of treatment, chiropractic is the best example of the mainstreaming of alternative therapies. Chiropractors now serve on the staffs of many hospitals around the country. They’ve become a fixture in sports medicine-in fact, the U.S. Olympic team has its own chiropractor.

Many M.D.’s are quite familiar with the benefits of chiropractic and willingly refer patients to chiropractors when it seems appropriate. In a study by Daniel 1. Blumberg, M.D., of the department of psychiatry at the State University of New York Health Science Center at Syracuse, the majority of primarycare M.D.’s recognized chiropractic as an effective therapy for back pain and said that they would feel comfortable sending patients with back pain to chiropractors for treatment.

Diet For Weight Loss

Diet plays an important role in deciding your health. Any health meet is incomplete if diet is taken out of it. A healthy diet is very important and you need to keep a check on the food that you eat. Whatever we eat is broken down into absorbable chemicals. The sugar and carbohydrates that we eat is broken down and converted into glucose. Similarly the fat is composed of fatty acid. Some of the fatty acids are already prepared by the body; however there are some that need to be had through the diet. Hence you can neither ignore the carbohydrates in the diet as they give us energy, nor can you ignore fat. To stay healthy the diet that you eat should be equally rich in all the nutrients.

For people who are looking for weight loss, only the diet with fewer amounts of carbohydrates should be had. The calorific value of the carbohydrate rich food is high. If you consume a lot of calorie you would have to do good amount of exercise to burn them as well. Hence if you need to lose weight you should consume less of carbohydrates.

Certain companies such as Atkins are providing the pre processed food that is low in terms of the fat and the carbohydrate content. These foods can be had if you genuinely want to lose weight. The use of oat also helps you reduce weight. Oats is fibrous as well as low in carbohydrates and fats. You can eat it to reduce your fat intake and reduce weight.


The most important and precise word heard about multi-level marketing is known as Mannatech. It is a global firm which engages on distribution as well as research of the glyconutrients. The head quarters of Mannatech are located in Coppell, Texas which was found in the year 1994 by Sam Caster. It covers many destinations such as Australia, Canada, United States, Japan, Republic of Korea, Denmark, United Kingdom, Mexico and Germany. Mannatech was figured out to be one of the two hundred best small companies in the Forbes magazine in the year 2006. It was rated number five among all.

It was in the year 2006, the research agreement was done and signed by Mannatech. In this study it was invested in funding a research in relation to Ambrotose. Ambrotose is the word with which Mannatech is mostly related to. Ambrotose is a glyconutritional dietary supplement ingredient which consists of monosaccharides or sugar molecules which is known as the leading product. The company also claims that the products produced by them are naturally occurring which are derived from plants and of carbohydrates based ingredients. These are told to be designed in such a way that the nutrients work through the normal physiology for helping to achieve and also to maintain the finest health in the best way possible and not to develop something synthetically or with just carbohydrate based yield like other companies.

On December 31, 2006, the multinational firm introduced newer products such as twenty four nutritional products, three topical products, seven different skin care products and also the weight management system consisting of four different products. But the company official never claims that the products launched by them are for treating any kind of illness or for curing any type of diseases.

Mannatech is the company which states that the finest health starts at the cellular level. Therefore, with the proper functioning of body’s cells indirectly the body’s tissues and organs would naturally function well. Hence, in total it could be said that with the proper functioning of tissues and organs the whole body would enjoy a pleasant health. Thus, with the Ambrotose indulgence it is made possible.

The Goodness of Seeds

The form of vitamin E found in plant seeds but not in most supplements – gammatocopherol – may slow the growth of cancer cells, according to study at Purdue University. Researchers found that gammatocopherol inhibited human prostate and lung cancer cell division in the lab, while leaving healthy cells alone. It’s too soon to say how much gammatocopherol humans need, but now there’s one more reason to much on these healthy sources: Walnuts and almonds. Natural E offers cancer protection.

Meanwhile Spanish researchers have discovered that walnuts can help recondition your blood vessels by making the lining of your circulatory system more pliable and less prone to cholesterol buildup. The net result, according to the researchers, is a projected 11 per cent reduction in the risk of heart disease. Walnuts are a powerful source of omega-3 fatty acids, which improve membrane fluidity in all cells, and L-arginine, which is the precursor molecule of nitrous oxide, a vasodilator. Have a handful a day.

Order Soup as an Appetizer

Having soups before a meal can help you lose weight. The fibre causes food to go through your digestive system faster, and the water helps dissolve the fat. Add a potato to the soup, and you’ll consume about 20 percent fewer calories over the course of the meal. Tomato soup has the same effects. You’ll eat less and fell full longer.

Fat is not Bad

For many people, fat is the evilest thing in diet. They think fat make them fat. However it is not true, extra calories make them fat. As a matter of fact, you can’t live without fat.

There are different kinds of fat. Some are good and some are bad. Trans fat and saturated fat are the devil of fat. Omega 3, mono and polyunsaturated fat are the angel because they can lower toal blood cholesterol and raise healthy HDL cholesterol level in blood. Fat do more than giving you calories.

Fat is need in digestion and absorption of fat soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K and hundreds of beneficial carotenoids. Also, fat will help you produce more of the muscle building hormone testosterone.

Fat doesn’t make you fat. It is true that fat contain twice as much calorie as carbs and protein. However, as long as you don’t overeat, you will be fine. As a matter of fact, eating more protein and fat helps kept the metabolic rate high and the omega-3 fatty acid can actually help the body burn abdominal fat.

Many people think there is no way to tell if the food they are eating contains Trans fat. That is not true and the FDA requires manufacture to put the information about Trans fat on the food label. Also, 80% of trans fat in your diet come from processed food. If you stay away from those snack food and desserts in supermarket, you will be fine.

Remember, there are two kind of fat. Not all fat are good. However, if you choose the right one, you will be benefit from it.

Eat Less, Live Longer, Stay Younger

People who reduce their calorie intake by 25 per cent for 6 months reduced their fasting insulin levels and core body temperature, two biomarkers which, at lower levels, have been associated with longer life spans, according to a recent study. Researchers randomized 48 overweight men (aged 50 and younger) and women (aged 45 and younger) into a control group on a weight maintenance diet, and intervention groups placed on calorie restriction, calorie restriction with exercise, and a very low-calorie diet. After 6 months, people in all 3 intervention groups lost significant weight and lowered their fasting insulin levels and core body temperatures, according to the study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Also, researchers found that those in the intervention groups experienced less oxidative stress damage to their DNA.

In yet another study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, people who ate a nutritionally balanced diet with only two-thirds a typical daily caloric intake of about 2,500 calories exhibited fewer age-related changes in diastolic function. Poor diastolic function is a leading cause of age-related heart failure. In the study, 25 people ate about 1,670 calories daily – for a mean of 6.5 years. Their low-calorie diets were high in nutrition and virtually excluded saturated fats, salt and simple carbohydrates. When their hearts were compared to age- and gender-matched controls, their diastolic function was significantly better and was comparable to that of younger patients. They also had lower blood pressure and lower levels of systemic inflammation as measured by C-reactive protein. Many experts hypothesize that infammation may be the reason behind aging on a biochemical and cellular level.

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Lettuce leaves that have turned brown are unsafe

No. It’s not a health issue and does not indicate a loss of nutrients. Still, most people find brown lettuce unappealing and will want to cut off the discolored parts.

Browning usually results from oxidation caused by exposure to air when the leaves have been bruised or cut. Another cause is “tipburn,” which occurs in the field because of climate or soil conditions. Exposure to the ripening chemical ethylene (produced naturally by most fruits, but also used commercially as a ripening agent) can produce browning as well.

Bacteria and fungi can also cause browning, but these are not a health hazard, according to Dr. Tim Hartz, a crop specialist at the University of California, Davis. Lettuce and other produce can harbour harmful bacteria, of course, but these do not cause browning.

Select lettuce that looks fresh (not wilted), since it will taste better and last longer. To reduce browning at home, keep lettuce in the coolest part of the refrigerator, away from high-ethylene-producing fruits (such as apples, pears, peaches, bananas, tomatoes and melon), and keep it dry.

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