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Colon Cleansing

Colon Therapy: Want to Try Enema?

If you want to find out the meaning of the word” enema”, then here is the answer. The word enema could mean introduction of some kind of fluid inside the rectum for cleansing the colon through the anus. The word enema is also for sure used in order to denote the fluid that is being injected, or for even the rubber bag used in the administration of the solution of water.

Actually enema is really a very conventional kind of colon or bowel therapy method that is practiced for the treatment of a very large number of various different diseases like fever, dehydration, premenstrual syndrome, painful menstruation, sore throats, colds, toxicity, depression, dysentery, flu, headaches, parasitic infections, diarrhea and constipation all over the world. The main aim of such kind of colon therapy is just to purge the bowel of very hard fecal matters together with the linked unfriendly bacteria, parasites and toxins accumulated over a very long period of time.

This build up of the fecal waste materials is attributable solely to a weakened colon that is for sure unable to do its duty of eliminating all the unwanted matters. The process of enema entails filling up of bowel with a solution of water to a specific extent following which the colon walls contract automatically and flush away all the assorted wastes out of the body. The fecal waste materials now watered down comprehensively get very easily evacuated through the rectum and also through the anus. The procedure is as follows: The water solution or you can say the fluid could be introduced inside your colon through a number of methods like:

  1. A rectal bulb syringe with a nozzle. This however has very much limited use that is for minor kinds of enema administrations in the colon therapy.
  2. An enema bag having a capacity of holding little less then 2 liters of water, provided with a tube and opens from the top and a rectal nozzle, suspended from a height and filled with some specific fluid. Then the nozzle is inserted in the anus prior to beginning the process of colon therapy.
  3. A very special device that is meant so as to carry out the hydrotherapy of colon – a well-known therapy of colon using the basic properties of enema.

Apparently a relatively inexpensive and also a simple process of colon therapy, enema might not turn out to be bad. The repetitive use of enema can result in the loss of natural capabilities of the bowel. Notwithstanding the criticism, colon hydrotherapy or usefulness of enema for that matter can never be dismissed so lightly. This age old procedure of colon therapy has for sure helped a very large number of people with a very large number of various different health problems in the past. This procedure also has great investigative as well as therapeutic capabilities. The enema can be even carried out on your own by the use of a kit, which is available in the market place.

Colon Cleanser

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