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Green Tea Basics and Benefits

Many people do not know what green tea is. But all are familiar about tea; the green tea is considered to be very good for health. Green tea is getting lot of popularity and is being recommended by physicians and researchers for health benefits that provides. This is certainly said to enhance the health and life of the one drinking it. Here we just deal in general what are green tea and their benefits not going much into its complete details, but only basic details.

History of tea is not recent one it dates back to centuries. Green tea was sometimes used as ceremonial drink and sometimes for curing some particular health problems. It was not used as a daily drink like normal tea. Its benefits were known to our ancestors and its popularity had gone down in between. Now Green tea has got its name back in picture due to the increased health hazards and more people going for herbal medicines for their permanent cure and side effects free. Green tea has been like a common name by the efforts of the people marketing them through advertisements. Green tea has been a substitute for coffee that has lot of caffeine and has prolonged affects on the body.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea does not have any hazardous affects on health as can be expected from coffee. Antioxidants are present in Green tea that regain the power in the body and regenerate energy. The results of green tea can never be expected in over night, its effects can be immediately experienced when consumed regularly. Green tea has been said to be powerful cur for nausea, and for treating skin and teeth in many conditions that favor well. Green tea is been used as a substitute beverage for stopping the addicted beverages which in turn giving double benefits keeping the person away from the harmful drink and increasing its health condition in regaining the lost energy.


Green tea is also used for reducing the fat. Green tea has fat burning properties and this technique was well used in olden days. Now the researches are still going on for finding its more benefits. Thanks, to the commercial people who in making money have been popularizing the green tea products and making people aware of the herbal daily drink in turn increasing their profits. Green tea is been more in use by the westerners who were addicted to caffeine due to drinking of coffee and had cultivated the habit of taking caffeine in other forms of drugs. For such people green tea has come like a boon to get away from the dirty habits and get back to the natural life.

After so much of popularization of green tea still many of the western people have never bothered to taste t once for their better luck of health. So still people need to rethink and change their drinking habits and give a chance to the herbal drink. Green tea is been more commonly used by the tribal of Asia who have access to it and have been living in tea growing regions and is their traditional drink.

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