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Stretch Marks Treatments - Is it a Healthy Cure?

Millions of women all across the world are looking for the information and data as to how to remove the stretch marks permanently. These scars or marks are embarrassing, unappealing and certainly affects ones personality and self esteem. These scars develop repeatedly when a woman is pregnant because it is during this time when the shin starts expanding ahead of it normal limit and as a result of this the tears start turning up into deep silvery white scars which are formed near the stomach area and lower part of the back. Now it becomes very important to find an efficient treatment by which these stretch marks can be removed totally which further results in the enhancing of the strength of the skin and also in the removal of the scars that are already present in the body. Due to the advancements, which are being made in the field of medicine the process by which these scars can be dissolved, has become very simpler due to the use of naturally occurring ingredients.

It is extremely hard to be depressed and sad when a woman holds her child for the first time in her hands however when she gazes at her abdominal area and the kind of damage caused by pregnancy, she does become sad. Right from the beginning women have to undergo problem such as back pain and perpetual urination, however now their problems just got bigger due to the development of these undesirable and discomforting stretch marks. They have always been in search for a solution by which these scars can be removed. The stretch marks treatment gives them a beautiful and a nice feel but is full of side and harmful effects. There are a number of processes by which the damaged skin can be mended. Laser procedures, moisturizing creams, and Dermabrasion are the conventional stretch marks treatments. Each choice has a disadvantage and all together, none of the above can perfectly removes these scars.

Revitol Stretch Mark Dermabrasion is considered to be a severe surgical process in which anesthesia is to be given to the patient undergoing the operation. It essentially consists of an instrument that resembles the shape of a strap sander. The machine roughens the external layers of our skin so as to provide it a softer look. This surgery makes it possible to successfully remove all the dead skin cells and thus giving it a new look and shine. This however has a drawback as is does not do any good when it comes to the reconstruction of the damaged tears present in the dermal or the middle layer of our skin. These scars are covered deep inside the skin and thus the above method is not useful in its complete removal. For the complete removal of all the scars present on the body surface what we need to do is that we should stimulate and flush the collagen and elastin fibers into the site where these scars are located.

This method has an advantage over laser treatment because the laser fails to do the same and is more expensive than the above method. Cocoa butter and Moisturizers are also useful but have to be employed on frequent and constant basis. These perform the function of adding water to the skin cells but do not dissolve or prevent the stretching of the skin.

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