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Ways of Preventing Stretch Marks Caused During Pregnancy

The most important skin care worry of the majority of the women without any shadow of a doubt has to be how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy time. The skin of a pregnant woman starts becoming pulled and stretched as the second phase of the pregnancy begins. The increased stretching results in creation of microscopic rips and tears in the dermis & epidermis leaving translucent and light colored scars. The speedy enlargement of the unborn child and natural gain in the weight results in the expansion of the skin in the region of abdomen. This expansion is much quicker than what the dermal tissue of the body could stretch, rejuvenate and replenish. As a result of this, we have visible stretch marks, which are mainly of the following colors such as silver, white, blue, or purple.

Now the stretch marks, which occur during the pregnancy period, can be avoided by keeping the following things in mind. In order to prevent the stretch marks during pregnancy we should increase and maintain the right amount of moisture that is required by the cellular membrane of our skin so as to allow a good amount of elasticity to exist even when we are giving sufficient nutrients for the regeneration of cells and membranes. Applying Emu or stretch mark Oil or cream on day-to-day basis further adds to the reduction of stretch marks and also helps in preventing their occurrence. In addition to this they also avoid the generation of scars.

As nowadays there are numerous anti stretch mark products, which are being sold in the market. The problem which one faces is that how to repair, heal and remove the marks that occurs during pregnancy? The answer to this problem is to make proper and regular use of oils and creams while we are pregnant. This is considered as the best "degree of prevention". Dry skin combined with dehydration is considered as the two most known causes that lead to the occurrence of these marks. Oils, lotions or creams when used together result in the replenishing of collagen production and increase in the elastin fiber which is essential for the removal and inhibition of scars.

A number of chief elements are present which help in preventing the stretch marks. Some of the important ones are Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Matrixyl and Emu Oil. Emu is naturally occurring oil, which is rich in Linoleic acids and Omega 9, 6 and 3. Omega 9, 6 and 3 are also called as Oleic whereas Linoleic acids are used for rejuvenating the skin cells and increasing the cellular production at molecular level. This result in increased production of collagen combined with enhances elasticity in dermal layer, which results in enhancing the reproduction rate, stretching, expansion and retaining the structure in the absence of tearing. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and is used for the treatment of irritation, marks, scars and redness. This oil easily penetrates into the layers of our skin and thus provides healing, repair and nourishment to the torn tissues. Similarly, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Matrixyl all have skin mending properties.

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