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In medical terms we consider stretch marks as an indication that boys and girls have attained puberty. During the puberty period there is an abrupt increase in the growth and also in the weight of the body. As a result of this, a person starts getting fine thin lines in various parts of their body. Naturally the human skin is very elastic but due to its sudden overstretching the normal generation of collagen gets disrupted and thus leads to the creation of stretch marks. We can often see young boys and girls having stretch marks on back, hips, thighs, and butt and on breasts. A majority of the women get these stretch marks during the pregnancy. This condition is seen mostly in girls but guys also get them. It is easily found in the body of bodybuilders and people suffering from the problem of obesity. These lines are either white or silverfish in color. This condition occurs because of the wear and tear of the middle or dermal layer of the skin surface. This problem becomes more severe as these stretch marks become permanent and are not eliminated on their own. Here we are going to talk about the reason for the occurrence of these stretch marks, the symptoms which can help in recognizing them and ways of avoiding or preventing them.

The main reason behind the occurrence of these stretch marks is the rapidly growing human body, which makes it impossible for the skin to make the pace as required. This consequently results in its tearing. The human skin is highly elastic in its nature and thus is not completely torn apart. This problem is usually connected with the rapid increase in the body weight. The condition when a person has got stretch marks in many parts of the body cannot be considered as a disease. However, it has a number of warning marks, which tell us whether they will occur again in the future or not.

The signs, which we should focus on, are purple or reddish lines, which are formed on the outer surface of the skin. The color of these lines is quite fading and light. These areas become soft as compared to the rest of the body, which is free from stretch marks. These can crop up in any part or area of the human body. These not only occur because of the reason that the skin gets stretched continuously for a given time period but also because the dermal layer becomes deficient of a number of nutrients which are needed for its nourishment. We can usually see stretch marks on the breasts, buttocks, chest, hips, thighs and abdomen. However it becomes very embarrassing and depressing when we see stretch marks on back and abdomen because these are the areas, which are visible.

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