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Oils Can Help In Removal of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are called “striae gravidarum” in terms of medical field. These are mainly created due to the repeated stretching and broadening of the human skin. This is usually observed during the pregnancy period and is also due to fast gain or loss of weight or puberty. Human skin has three types of layers namely dermis or the middle layer, subcutaneous stratum or the innermost layer and epidermis or the outermost layer. It is the dermis where the stretch marks are seen. The constant stretching of the dermis for a long duration of time results in the skin becoming less elastic. Furthermore the tiny connective fibers, which are present in the layer, also break resulting in generation of stretch marks.

Due to the advancement, which has taken place over the past few decades, there has been development of a large number of anti stretch marks oil, lotions and creams. Nowadays, stretch mark surgery is also taking place for the permanent removal of stretch marks. Oil is considered to the most recent and the best so called wonder cures being advertised as the answer to problem of how to get rid of the stretch marks permanently.

Several online websites, magazines and talk shows are all flooded with the characteristic and advantages of the oil. A large number of vendors of Bio Oil are maintaining that the use of anti stretch marks oils will help in lowering the appearance also completely removing stretch marks no matter where they are located. In addition to this, they also claim that Bio oils will remove all kinds of skin maladies for example blemishes, wrinkles, surgery scars, acne marks and scars. But the question, which arises, is that can these oils match the claims made by their vendors for the kind of treatment they will give.

Revitol Stretch Mark An inspection of the stretch marks cures made using oil revealed that these oils consists of a large number of ingredients which are having medicinal values and are said to lower the glossiness of the various stretch marks. These ingredients are Vitamin E, Vitamin A and various other naturally occurring oil constituents like Rosemary Oil and Calendula Oil. These constituents have the capability of providing the necessary oil requirement of the body i.e. moisturizes the body and thereby maintaining its elasticity. But these are by no way able to remove or heal the scars, which are produced by stretch marks.

By now we know how Striae Distensae is caused, during this process the collagen present in the middle skin layer is able to mend the rift. However, during the pregnancy period or during the fast loss or gain of weight the collagen fails to do the above job. The scars are formed due to the collagen fibers not reaching each other for stitching back or curling back on one another, resulting in the creation of scars and several silver lines separating them. Therefore, the only way by which we can reduce and remove these scars is by increasing the levels of the collagen present in the middle layer or dermis.

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