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Stretch Mark Surgery – A Wise Way of Eliminating Scars

Majority of the people in today's world want to have their food at a fast rate, want the medicine to function rapidly and this human nature can be summed up by a known phrase that each and every person wishes to be appreciated instantaneously. Even though there are a number of benefits in getting the things we want at a very fast rate, still these are always accompanied by a number of drawbacks as well that one has to be in this world with for rest of his life.

One of the examples is a stretch mark surgery, which has its advantages and disadvantages. This type of treatment takes away all the marks and scars present in our body within few hours. However, the amount of risks, which go hand in hand with such a treatment, cannot be stated. There are a number of surgeries done depending upon the location of these marks present in the body.

The first and the most common are the tummy push or tuck procedure. This in medical terms is called Abdominoplasty. This surgery is done for the removal of the immovable fat, which is present around the abdomen area. This is also useful in removing the scars and stretch marks. This process consists of making an opening in the middle of the navel and pubic area. The damaged muscles are fixed and the extra tissue, skin, and fat are removed. Due to the openings, we will get a scar after the wound has healed. Now this is a drawback that for getting a scar like stretch mark removed by spending so much money and going through the pain during the surgery we end up with another new scar. In addition to this, we should always be aware that we always get the operation done by a qualified physician; otherwise we might find our self in a larger problem such as infection and bleeding.

Serious problems such as prolonged swelling, anesthesia risks; nerve damage, blood clots and poor wound healing can occur if the above is not taken into account. Even though the surgery might prove to be a success, it still leaves us with a lot of pain till the time our wounds have healed completely. This time duration stretches from weeks to a month or two. This being a main surgery takes a lot of our hard earned money therefore it also has a financial effect on the patient. This surgery does not give any guarantee that the stretch marks will not occur again and therefore there is a risk factor, which comes along with it.

Then the other most common surgery is the laser surgery for the cure of these scars and marks. This is comparatively a less painful and insidious surgery. The cure makes use of a laser ray to break into the human skin and remove the elements of scars by breaking them up. When these tissues are eradicated, new collagen and cells will develop in the skin. It is a natural method of skin healing and has a lower recovery time.

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