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Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is a very popular drink in the world. It can not be taken to compare with any herbal drink to match its unbelievable miraculous properties. Benefit of drinking green tea if written in details runs into a big book with theories explaining each and every chemical properties of it and their effect on the body. Here we shall just see to the benefits achieved by drinking green tea, though green tea can be taken in many other forms also. What makes green tea so special to give those benefits to human when drunk is the way it is processed. All tea properties and their effect on human health depend on the way they have been processed. Green tea to that matter is the only least processed tea available. Least processing of it makes green tea retain all its natural rich properties brought from nature.

Anti oxidant properties

Green tea has polyphenols that are rich in anti oxidants. Anti oxidants fight free radicals which are the reasons for developing of cancer. Free radicals oxidize and damage the good healthy cells in the body and create clotting of blood obstructing free flow of blood. First of all green tea benefit achieved when drinking is it cleanses and keeps the mouth fresh. Green tea with rich minerals and chemicals also has fluoride which is the chemical used in making of tooth paste. Thus green tea when consumed in the form of beverage protects tooth set from dangers of bacterial infection and virus. There will be no formation of plaque and teeth are always kept jewel white when used in regular basis. Therefore it is also said that green tea should be at least used for cleansing and rinsing of mouth before gong to bed after night meal.

Cancer Fighting

Green tea is helpful in preventing cancers of most of all types. This has been successfully proven by internationally acclaimed universities and cancer institutes of Japan, USA, Britain, China and so on. Green tea is also very effective in reducing the carcinogenic action in body. This helps to prevent cancer and together reduce damaging of DNA this was successfully tested and proved. Green Tea is more effective when consumed as a drink than taking it in any other forms. Green tea prepared at home by boiling the green leaves will have more natural polyphenol constituent in it than any available outside.

Green tea though is very effective and has been scientifically proven to control and inhibit the growth of cancer cells it is not a permanent cure. Green tea can not cure cancer completely but will keep the affected person healthy giving him the quality life and increasing longevity. Green tea when consumed daily as a healthy person will certainly help in preventing cancer from its onset and will put you in win to win situation. Green tea was though popular among Asian community from ancient times. It got its popularity in Europe. Green tea is now a revenue adding item for countries like China, India and Japan in majority among other tea growing nations.

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