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Acupressure and Labor

Some things just seem to be a natural fit, like peanut butter and jelly. Acupressure and labor, however, might not seem to go together near as well. In fact, you might even be imagining trying to give birth while stuck with a bunch of pins. Well, that is acupuncture not acupressure and there are a number of reasons to consider acupressure labor. One of the most compelling reasons might be that it is not just used at one stage but instead used all the way through. This can help reduce or even eliminate the need for drugs that might cause complications. To understand how this is possible you must first understand acupressure a little better.

Acupressure in general

Acupressure and it's sister technique, acupuncture, come from a long tradition in Chinese medicine. They both revolve around the balance of the chi by applying pressure to certain points along the 12 meridians of the body. Each of these points can affect the body. Most of the time it is used to treat pain or discomfort but can be used for other things as well, such as treating depression. When it comes to having a baby it can be used not only in an active role but even a proactive role

Acupressure labor and child birth

If you are like most people these days you want to keep the use of drugs to a minimum even if fully natural childbirth is not the goal. For the most part doctors agree and wait as long as possible before giving any drugs. Acupressure will push that time back even further and possible eliminate the need altogether.

The first point acupressure can come into play is before labor even begins. At this point you are at over 40 weeks and everything seems normal. Well, almost everything seems normal. The baby does not seem to want to come out even though it is of correct baby size; there is just no labor. The day before they are going to induce you or go with a cesarean you can use acupressure to induce labor. This is something that should be done as a last resort before chemical induction. This one technique has already saved the baby from one drug and you are just getting started.

The same technique that induces labor also speeds it up; this is it's active role. With labor shorter is better for both mom and baby. You have never heard a new mother say they wished it was longer. The quicker labor goes the less likely drugs will be needed and the baby goes through less stress. There are really three pressure points you can use. One is between the thumb and first finger. That one is also used for headaches. Then there are ones on the bottom of the foot. Those are similar to reflexology. Then there is the one labor sort of keeps to it's self. That one is just above the ankle. Regardless of which one you choose the method is similar. Rub the pressure point in small circles for 60 seconds then pause. Repeat.

Acupressure can also help control the pain it's self during childbirth but by now you are starting to see the picture. Acupressure labor can take you as close to natural childbirth as you want to go.

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