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An Introduction to Acupressure Points

Interest in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is at an all time high in the United States. Much of this has been fuel through the success of homeopathic medicine which is mostly based in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as well as medicines used by other indigenous peoples around the world. Even Western medicine has started to look at these “folk remedies” and finding unique properties that indeed support their claims of natural healing. Now acupuncture and acupressure are starting to be explored more by the Western world as well.

The basics

Both acupuncture and the less intrusive acupressure work under the belief that ailments of both body and mind are caused by a loss of balance in one's chi. To fix the ailment the chi must be rebalanced by following one of the 12 meridians to a certain pressure points that allows the balance to be restored. In acupuncture this is done with needles and with acupressure it is done with, well, pressure. That can be done with a finger tip, a knuckle, or the erasure side of a of a pencil. They also make a little poker just for doing acupressure.

The points

Now comes the tricky part, where are these pressure points and what does each on do. Well, there are hundreds of them and in a text only environment the true description of were each one is would be pages. Here is a description of just one: Follow the bones of your thumb and first finger back into the hand till they meet. The pull back just a little bit along the inside of the bones of the first finger. Probe around there till you find it. You will know it when the probing generates a strong physical reaction.

Now do that a few hundred times and you start to see one of the problems. Diagrams and/or photographs are really needed to move things along but that will only help you find the points; what they do is a whole new problem.

Let us say you wanted to deal with a bioenergy problem such as fear (having too much of it). Well, there is no single fear pressure point. There are, in fact, a number of them. They all might affect you or only one of them might. There it is a trial and error process. Also, those spots not only help with fear; each one will have other unique properties as well. And if you are not already confused enough, we are not “wired” totally symmetrical. That means that what works on one side might not work on the other. Again, you have more trial and error.

Don't let all of this discourage you. There are a few pressure points that seem very universal in their effects, such as the ones for headaches. It is when you get deeper into acupressure that you really need the guilds with their corresponding effects but it is a system of treatment that has been tested for over 5,000 years. Anything with that long of a history will take some time to master.

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