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Maternity Acupressure

Some times it takes the West a few 1000 years to catch up with what is happening in Asia. Homeopathic medicine is a big craze here right now because it is proving effective but a good deal of that comes from traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture has been seen in the west for decades now but it was used mostly by fringe groups. But now acupuncture and it's sister, acupressure, are becoming more accepted by mainstream Westerners and a lot of that has to do with the tremendous success of maternity acupressure. In case you are not familiar with the term it refers to the induction of labor with acupressure. It is 100% safe and reduces the dependence of drugs during childbirth.

The endorsements

The first thing that should let you know that it is safe is the fact that the Chinese have been using it for over 5,000 years. If it did not work they would have found something else that did. If you are still skeptical then you can just ask the World Health Organization; they have deemed it safe. Even if you don't trust a global organization you can always look closer to home. The US Nation Institute of Health (NIH) agrees as well. It is impossible to find better endorsements than that.

The process

You are probably wondering what the advantages of using acupressure for labor are. The list is long but can start even before labor. In fact, that is one of it's greatest advantages; it can induce labor and can do it without drugs. In a study they found that 83% of women were able to induce labor using nothing more than simple acupressure. And what is happening during this process? For one the baby will drop (for men reading this and like baseball that is like the “on deck” circle). It also start the cervix dilating even if had not yet started. Finally it helps stimulate contractions. Somehow it even rights posterior babies.

Now the acupressure does not end there at all. If fact some of the biggest benefits happen after labor has started. One of the big things is it will cause you to dilate more easily and quicker. That is very important because the baby can't come till the door is open. It helps with that while helping you remain more calm (good for both mommy and baby) and reduce the nausea. In fact one of the pressure points you will be using is the same one that people use to treat nausea during motion sickness.

Also, baby does not just walk out he needs some good pushes. The acupressure helps stimulate stronger contractions. The shorten the overall labor time and reduce any need for drugs and also reduces the stress on the baby.

That brings us to the end of true maternity acupressure but not to the end of how acupressure can help during childbirth. During birth there is still a great deal of pain and by using some additional pressure points that pain can also be abated to help you have a drug free childbirth.

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