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Ear Acupressure

When acupressure is applied, certain points around the body are stimulated, regulating the flow of energy through those points and allowing the body to return to a balanced state. There are however specific locations, especially in the foot, hand and ear which can be stimulated in order to directly affect other parts of the body. Acupressure is a totally safe technique which has been used for thousands of years, and it is relatively easy to learn the basics. When looking specifically at ear acupressure, however, things become more complicated than a simple massage, and some professional guidance is likely to help a lot if you are trying to learn.

The ear

The basic idea is that parts of the outer ear are linked to almost all parts of the body, including all the main joints, areas and organs. Different ways of stimulating these points can have a variety of effects. Although the basis of the technique has been around for millennia in China, in fact the modern auricular acupressure charts are based on French studies from the 1950s, where some specific acupuncture techniques carried out by a Chinese practitioner were observed by a French doctor being used to treat some back pain. Further investigation brought about a detailed diagram showing what points of the ear could be considered connected to which parts of the whole body.

Non-invasive and painless

Although acupressure is not able to be quite as specific in its application as acupuncture, the benefits of it being a non-invasive technique mean that it was developed to be able to utilise most of the acupuncture points of the ear with much success.

Ear chart

If you haven’t yet seen a diagram of the ear pressure points, then find one and have a look. The layout generally follows the idea of a picture of the body superimposed on the ear, with the face at the earlobe end, the arms running up the back of the ear, the legs heading to the top front area, with all the main organs in approximate positions in between. There is not an exact enough correlation between the concept and the actual locations to use it as a map of the points however.

There is also a certain amount of debate as to exactly which points are effective for which areas of the body, although the majority are undisputed, some of the more specific points are matters of conjecture between two or three main schools of thought. If you visit a professional who you are comfortable with and who achieves results, then the best thing is to ask them which ear chart they favour.

Basic technique

A few basic ear acupressure techniques can be easily learned, especially that for reducing appetite. There is a small lump at the front of the ear above the lobe and in front of the ear canal. If pressed firmly between thumb and forefinger, held for 15 seconds or so then released, appetite is found to be suppressed. Although not a weight loss technique in itself, this has been used very successfully in combination with other techniques.

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