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Acupressure Tools

The best thing about acupressure is that almost anybody can apply it at home with little or no danger to them selves. Anybody can now take advantage of both traditional and high tech acupressure tools to perform acupressure at home. Acupressure tools make this ancient Chinese science easier to practice and take advantage of.

These tools apply either the latest advances in high technology or traditional Chinese medical knowledge. No one needs to spend large amounts of money on acupressure experts and massage therapists anymore. Almost anyone can take advantage of these tools at home.

Traditional Acupressure Tools

Traditional acupressure tools consist of wooden mallets, rollers and other objects that are used to put pressure on points on the body. Putting pressure on these points will take pressure off other points on the body and relieve pain and tension much as acupuncture needles do.

Acupressure works like acupuncture except that no needles are used. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure can be practiced safety at home by almost anyone.

The advantage to traditional acupuncture tools is that they are simple, cheap and relatively easy to use. There are Guidebooks, CDs and DVDs that can show almost anyone how to perform acupressure available online.

Kits that combine traditional acupressure tools with guide books are also available online. The kits can help a person become proficient in acupressure.

High Tech Acupressure Tools

Acupressure like everything else these days is being revolutionized by high technology. Electronic high tech acupressure devices made in Japan and China are now available. These acupressure tools promise to make acupressure easier and quicker.

Most of the high tech acupressure tools are stimulators similar to vibrators and electric powered massagers. These are designed to apply the right amount of pressure to a point of the body to stimulate it properly.

Some of these tools are designed to take the place of acupuncture needles. These devices claim to be able to give a person the benefits of acupuncture without the dangerous needles.

There are also stimulators available that digitally locate the pressure points on the body and apply the right amount of pressure to relieve pain. These devices enable the user to control the amount of stimulation given to the body.

The advantage to the high tech pressure tools is that no guide books or DVDs are needed to show a person how to perform acupressure. The individual is supposed to just point the device at specific areas of the body and turn them on.

The disadvantage is that there could be no real difference between using these devices and applying acupressure with your fingers or a wooden tool. The advantage could be that persons don’t need a special knowledge of acupressure.

Another advantage to the electronic devices could be that they will perform correctly when a person is tired or sore and in need of acupressure. Individuals who are tired or sore may not be able to perform acupressure properly but they might be able to use one of the electronic devices.

Persons who wish to experience acupressure at home would be well advised to check out acupressure tools ancient and modern. These devices can help anyone relieve pain and pressure and feel better.

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