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Preparing Syrups  

For the recipes in this section, the herbs should be dried. When preparing the cough syrups, the dried herbal mixtures are generally decocted (boiled). The mixture is then strained. Then the honey is added and the mixture is allowed to simmer an additional 30 minutes. Add the flavoring after the mixture has cooled (wiId cherry oil is a great flavor addition.)

There are certain types of herbs that are generally included when preparing cough syrups. They are as follows:

  1. Stimulants or activltors: a stimulant is an agent that temporarily leaves or roots. If a diaphoretic is wanted, you could use bone­set, yarrow; peppermint, or verbena. A diaphoretic is an agent or sudorific that increases perspiration.
  2. Aromatics: aromatics have a pleasant smell. Some good examples are mints, fennel, catnip, sassafras bark, and marjoram.
  3. Demulcents: a demulcent is an agent that soothes or softens. It usually aids the mucous membranes. Here are some examples: mallow; hollyhocks, Irish moss, mullein, slippery elm, honey; and balm of Gilead.

Making Cough Drops

You can make your own cough drops by using the herb of your choice. Choose any of the herbs that are soothing, cooling, and astringent-or any that are used in preparing the cough syrups. To really soothe the throat, use balm of Gilead along with an aromatic herb.

You can even flavor your cough drops with herbs. Lemon flavor can be made by using lemon balm, lemon thyme, or lemon verbena. Licorice mint makes an excellent-tasting cough drop, as it has a light licorice flavor. Color the drops using food coloring if desired.

Here Some Homemade Herbal Syrups

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