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When we become aware of how much we are responsible for our own health, we soon realize that we are responsible for most of the illnesses that we contract. Health is very. definitely a positive force and disease is exactly what it says, disease of the body.

In many cases, illness is caused by a faulty diet. We all need tonics to keep the body supplied with certain minerals and vitamins in order to keep our immune system strong and healthy. If the immune system is in good order, then it is able to fight off certain illnesses with which we all come into contact. Then, if we do pick up a bug, our bodies can respond to the invading organisms much faster and we are able to start the, healing process much more quickly. We may not be able to avoid an ill­ness, but we can influence the length and severity of it. And we can stop the secondary infections that are sometimes part of a specific disease.

We do, however, inherit susceptibilities to certain diseases. As we become more aware of just what our individual weaknesses are, we can begin to treat the body in such a way as to preserve its health. If there is a weakness in the respiratory system, then we know we have to work in order to keep that part as strong as possible. Because none of the body systems work alone, we must keep all the systems strong, simply because they do work with each other. Just think of your body as being a finely tuned machine. If one part breaks down, the whole machine either breaks down completely or does not work to peak capacity. Life is to be lived to capacity, so the body has to be strong in order to fully enjoy all there is for us to be, do, or have.

Herbs help strengthen the body so it can heal itself faster and in a more natural, healthy way. If you keep your body as free of chemicals as possible,' the herbs have a better chance of getting right to the root of the problem. They can help the body to start working more efficiency in healing that specific disease.

Herbs are not a miraculously fast cure. Many times it does take a little longer for a specific herb to start working because herbs work at treating the underlying causes of the illness and because they do not work on just one specific symptom. It takes more time to balance several different systems. The herbs help the immune system to get a good balance so that the body is able to help in the healing process.

Tonics do take time to work on the system, so you want to continue the treatment for an extended period of time, to give the body time to adjust. We spend years neglecting the body and then are surprised when it fails to respond as fast as we think it should. It really does take more time for the body to heal than the length of an illness. You can begin to rise tonics as a way to prevent illnesses instead of just treating a disease after. the fact. Most of the tonics are stimulating, so if someone has been very ill, it is not a good idea to give tonics that are strong stimulants.

Using herbs to tone up your body is just one of the ways you can take responsibility for keeping the body in good working condition. I feel that it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. The herbs tone up the organs that are affected by the digestive system. This helps your body to use all the. natural vitamins and minerals that you get when you are careful to provide it with natural products and foods.

Just as the herbs can help us be balanced internally, we must look at ways we can be balanced externally, in our daily lives. All the money in the world cannot take the place of your health, and this is where balance in your lifestyle comes into play. I'm sure you have heard it said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, all play and no work can do the same thing. There should be time in your life for everything: work, play, quiet time, pleasure, people, love, and many other joys. Be not a slave to anyone activity and you will have some measure of control over your life. Learn to stop and smell the roses. Even though that is old advice, it is still good advice.

No one else is as vitally interested in preserving our health and the health of our families as we are. We know how we want our foods, and what we want in our foods better than anyone. When we preserve or prepare our own foods, we can take precautions to ensure that the foods and herbs are handled properly and in a hygienic manner. We can make sure that what we ingest is as natural as possible.

What could be more natural than adding tonics to our daily life? Tonics are good to take all year. They can become part of your health-protecting diet. And they can really pick you up when you are feeling sluggish

Some herbal homemade tonics are :-

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