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Natural Home Cleaning Remedies

There are many options for cleaning the home in a natural way and all of them are equally good as fabricated chemicals that are available in the market. Natural cleaners are not only good for the environment but also for pets and children. Thus, they are preferred over chemical ones. The vinegar in the distilled form is one of the best natural home cleaner that one can use.


  1. The genius in home cleaning Heloise suggested vinegar as one of the strongest natural remedy for cleaning hard stains, removing the grass that is useless and also for getting rid of bad odor. Many people also use it for cleaning doors and windows, drains that are open, wood counters and floors.
  2. According to the experts, baking soda is another material that can be used for cleaning and also for elimination the odor that smells bad and is unhygienic. It can be used with water for spreading it on the floor or for making a thick gel type fluid that can be used for removing dark spots and patches.
  3. Baking soda can also be used as a dry powder like substance as an agent against odor. When mixed with water it can also work as an eliminating agent at a can of garbage.
  4. For shiny surfaces like glass, tiles it is suggested to use alcohol based natural cleaners. One can also use neat alcohol too.
  5. For windows that are made up of hard and slippery wood that needs regular polishing to make it look good, alcohol is one of the best natural cleaners for such surfaces.
  6. Mirrors and glasses of all kinds can be very neatly cleaned with alcohol and as it is a very volatile substance. Therefore, it vanishes off as soon as it is applied on the surface. It can also be mixed with vinegar or water that makes it more effective on certain surfaces.
  7. Being disinfectant is another advantage associated with alcohol. Adding a bit of ammonia to an appropriate quantity of water makes a very potent mixture of home cleaners. This mixture is much stronger than the neat vinegar and thus it is much more effective than vinegar or alcohol.
    The only quality of ammonia that is worrying is that its smell is extremely pungent and can prove harmful for children and animals. Lemon mixed with water or its juice can also be used for cleaning purposes.

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