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Acupressure Treatment

Have you considered acupressure treatment? If you have given it some serious thought than you a part of a small but growing number of Americans that have. Since it is one of the more mystical types of traditional Chinese medicine it has been dismissed by most Westerners until more recently. More and more are we finding what Eastern medicine has known for years. For example, take a look a homeopathic medicine. It too was dismissed a little more than Chinese folklore. That was until people tried it and found out how well many of the traditional Chinese medicines work. The medical community was slow to respond at first but the are now many compounds derived from Chinese herbs in clinical trials with even more set to come. Because of this, the popularity of acupressure has started to grow as well.

What is acupressure?

Most of us wince at the thought of being stuck by needles, much less one that has no medicine in it. You don't need to worry; that is acupuncture, not acupressure. While in concept they are the same or at least similar, in acupressure the skin is not broken. It might be helpful to think of it more like a massage. In both acupuncture and acupressure the goal is to relieve pain or discomfort by bringing the qi (or chi) into balance and letting the body heal it's self. It does this through the 12 meridians in the human body. Along the meridians are certain pressure points. These are actually the same points that the martial arts use; they just use them for a different reason. Anyway, by stimulating these pressure points the chi regains balance and the symptoms abate.

All this might sound simple. If you have a pain just poke or probe around it till you find the pressure point and you are as good as new. First, the pressure point for the area you need might not be anywhere near the area to be treated. For example, there are points on the foot to help relieve headaches and head and feet are about as far apart as you can get on one body. Then you have the problem of internal organs; which point controls what? The example here might be motion sickness (nausea). The pressure point for that is in the wrist. In fact, the even make those little bracelets you might have seen to keep putting pressure on it.

What can acupressure treat?

Once you are in the hands of someone trained in the art of acupressure treatment it is amazing the number of maladies they can treat. It can be used to raise or lower your blood pressure as well as reduce stress. Not only can they treat a regular headache but also migraines and sinus issues that can lead to headaches. They can treat you for depression as well as restlessness and sleeplessness. The fact that they can treat neck, back and joint pain almost goes without saying but they can treat hyper-acidity and even the hiccups. Think of your acupressurist as an overall wellness specialist and give them a try. You might be surprised at the results.

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