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Acupressure Mat

A person no longer needs to go to a message therapist or other high priced expert for acupressure. Now anybody can take advantage of the benefits of acupressure at home at any time with an acupressure mat.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medical science related to acupuncture. In acupressure, no needles are used. Instead pain is relieved by pressing or massaging certain points on the body. This takes off the pain, relieves tension and helps people relax.

Traditionally a person had to go to a massage therapist or other individual trained in acupressure for acupressure treatments. This was expensive, inconvenient and time consuming.

Acupressure Mat

Now anybody can take advantage of acupressure at home or anywhere else by simply lying down on an acupressure mat. An acupressure mat is a cloth mat with 231 plastic buttons on it.

The buttons on an acupressure mat correspond to the acupressure points on a person’s body. This means that anybody can experience acupressure by simply laying down upon the acupressure mat. No special training or knowledge is needed to use an acupressure mat.

How to Use an Acupressure Mat

All a person has to do use the mat is to lay it on a soft surface such as a bed or carpeted floor and lay down for 15-20 minutes. The mat is completely safe and very comfortable many people fall asleep on it.

This means that a person can take advantage of acupressure while enjoying activities like watching television or reading. Lying down on an acupressure mat is a great way to relax after a hectic day and a good way to relieve pain after exercise or hard work. Others may use the mat for meditation or simply to think about the day’s problems.

The best way to use an acupressure mat is to simply lie on your back on it. This can help with back pain, sciatica, hip and lower back problems. Lying on the side can help with pains in that part of the body.

The mat is extremely versatile and will help any part of the body that you lie upon. Neck and jaw problems can be treated by sitting a pillow or cushion under the mat and lying upon it. One great use for an acupressure mat is to lie upon it before going to bed at night. This gets rid of the aches and pains and ensures a good night’s sleep.

If your feet are sore after a hard day of walking or running simply stand on the acupressure mat. It can relieve pressure and problems on the feet as well.

Care, Storage and Cleaning of the Mat

A big advantage to an acupressure mat is that it can be easily folded up and stored in any closet. No special storage facilities are required for an acupressure mat.

The acupressure mat can easily be rolled and carried with you wherever you go. This means you can bring it with you when you travel to relieve tension after a long day on a train or a plane. You can also bring it with you to work to use in relieve tension there.

Cleaning the mat is easy all you have to do is wash it in warm water and detergent. Never put the acupressure mat in the wash, the washer and dryer can damage or even destroy it.

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